The fourth graders spent a week at environmental education at Monte Toyon in Aptos, California, in March, 2020. The students explored the redwood community at The Forest of Nisene Marks and spent a day at Natural Bridges State Beach where they got to investigate tide pools and the ocean environment. There was hiking to be done around camp in the daylight and the nighttime, a campfire that was full of fun activities, and an evening spent on learning about astronomy. During recreation time, the students got to play games with each other and with their new friends from Pershing School. There was a redwood grove made to run and climb in and many of the fourth graders had fun making up games to be played in that unique space. Overall, the fourth graders had a great time with their friends and learned a lot while they were at camp.

When we returned, the students were challenged to describe their trip through poetry. The fourth graders were given several formats of poetry to write and the emphasis was heavily on word choice. Descriptive language is the key to success on the project. After the poetry was written, the plan was for each student to begin creating a webpage to display the writing. The task was to find graphics to accentuate the writing, design a page that looks nice and give the reader a good idea of what life was like at Monte Toyon’s WOLF School. However, school was closed for the year which resulted in a shift of the plan.

During three weeks of enrichment learning, about one-third of the class learned how to build a webpage with Kompozer, a piece of software for web building. The teaching and learning were done through distance learning, and it required extreme dedication by the students. They persevered, though, and created webpages that are a joy to read.

Many students were not able to download Kompozer and get it to work on their devices. The solution was to build a slide deck in their Google drive. They had the same requirements: create a slide deck that contained their poetry, add images, and coordinate the colors of their project to illustrate their time at Monte Toyon. Once the slide decks were complete, screen shots were taken of each slide, and those screen shots were then placed on a webpage by Mr. La Marr. Thus, each student’s work is displayed through this website.

Use the links below to explore the work by the fourth graders. They worked hard to create a presentation that not only expresses the ideas about their trip, but also engages a reader. We hope you like our poetry and webpages!

Ozzy Isabella
Victor Cassidy Aiden
Jeremiah Carissa Grant
Ian Anson Lucas
Kaitlyn August
Matthew Josh Zach
Tate Jaren Lyla
Jake Malia Adil
Henry Lauren Ryan

The fourth graders of Monte Toyon

March, 2020

The final photo just before we got back in our cars for the long drive home. We had a GREAT week!

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