During the week of March 3-6, the 4th grade Mustangs took part in an environmental education experience in the redwoods of Aptos. The students had fun evenings; they attended a campfire on the first night, they studied astronomy on the second night and they took a night hike on the third night. On Wednesday, the fourth graders visited the Forest of Nisene Marks and studied the redwood forest. On Thursday, they took part in an amazing excursion in the tide pools at Natural Bridges State Beach. The tide pools had an incredible diversity of life, and the day at the ocean was outstanding. On the first and last days fo the trip, the students hiked around the grounds of Monte Toyon, and they were able to see an albino redwood, of which there are only about 200 in the state. During recreation time, the kids were able to play football, volleyball, tetherball, basketball, and play in a redwood grove. The food was great, and we made friends with the fourth graders from Pershing School. It was fun time for everyone, and leaving was hard for many of the fourth graders.

Take a look at the following pages to see some of the fun that the Mustangs had during their week in the Santa Cruz mountains at Monte Toyon!