The School is Closed Edition~

I hope everyone is still healthy and is finding a way to be entertained. The latest announcement from San Juan is that schools are closed through May 1; I would imagine you have heard that already. The plan is that the district is putting together online instruction for all schools. It looks like the week after Spring Break will be used for teacher training with implementation to follow the week after that. If that timeline changes, I will let you know.

In the meantime, please continue to have your children using and getting used to Google Classroom. Many students have been doing a great job but several have yet to post anything. The benefit to posting is to become familiar with the platform as it will be heavily used in the future. Additionally, it’s good for kids to stay in the classroom mindset; if they take all the time off from March13 until after Spring Break, it will be hard to engage again. Not all questions have to be answered to keep the “school thinking” in place, but some work would be good. I also am aware that some families have instituted their own program, and that is great, too.

I have responded to every post that has been made in Google Classroom, and your child can see his/her comment online. New assignments have been put online for this week, but they are less tied to our studies and are more open ended this week.

There are five more math pages your student can do this week as enriched practice. They have been chosen based on the needs that I saw in the classroom, and they provide good practice. Those pages are on the homework page of the classroom website.

There are ten new links put on the “Resources while we are closed” page of the website, some of which have many links that you can use at home for your children. The new links are noted with a “new” graphic.

Students should be done with the photosynthesis project. That was assigned prior to leaving, and it should be completed by now. Since we are not coming back to school until at least May, please have your child submit the document, along with the scored rubric, via a photo to I will collect and assess the work in that manner. This doesn’t have to be right away, but as kids complete the work, please submit it. I know that multiple students are done and have been waiting for further direction as to how to submit the work. I was hoping they can turn it in right after Spring Break, but that is no longer an option. Thank you-

The poetry writing should also be done as that was assigned prior to leaving school as well. Several students are putting together some very impressive webpages through Zoom instruction. Those students and I will continue to meet and create those pages. For the rest of the students, they can begin putting their poetry together in Google Slides through the portal. I explained the process in Zoom the other day, but not all students were there. Briefly, the students need a title slide and one poem per subsequent slide with a picture to accompany it. They can select any colors that they want and they can select any font that they want. I will be answering further questions in Zoom meetings this week. However, that work should continue since it was assigned previously. The due date will be shortly after mandatory learning begins again. It is to your child’s benefit to work on that now.

Again, any school work we do right now is not mandatory, but we will be back to school eventually. As long as you have your students working on things in one way or another, that is good. I hope that some of what is offered through the Resources page of the website and Google Classroom is utilized, but the key is to keep engaged in school. I will continue to offer Zoom meetings this week; they may be modified a bit, though.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great Sunday-