The Adventures of Pearley Monroe

For our first book of the year, we will read
The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. This historical fiction book written by Marci Seither tells the story of Pearley Monroe who lived in nearby Coloma in the late 1800's. We will use the book to learn about California and United States history. The book will be used to introduce our study of characters, setting, mood, theme and plot analysis. Nearly every chapter leaves a reader hanging and anticipating the action of the next. It's a fun book to use to start the school year!

Follow the links below to learn more about the topics in the book.


History of Slavery in the United States

The Underground Railroad-PBS

The Underground Railroad-Kids History

How Slavery Ended-The Emancipation Proclamation





Sutter's Fort

Empire Mine

Mormon Island

Gold Bug Mine-YouTube Video

                                       Coloma as viewed from the Monroe Ridge Trail



Black Bart

John Fremont

James Marshall

Chinese Immigration

Monroe Gooch Family

Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea

Donner Party-Interactive Map

Andrew Monroe is seated with a child on his lap.

Pearley stands behind him and to the right.


Pony Express

Pony Express from Ducksters

Wells Fargo & Co. Express

The Transcontinental Railroad

The Transcontinental Railroad and Chinese Workers

The Transcontinental Railroad-Video from The History Channel

A Wells Fargo Stage

Miscellaneous Links

Yellow Fever

California Black Bear

Surviving in Fast River Currents

California's Admission to the United States

California Statehood-The Debate and Compromise

Author Marci Seither Visits Room 15, May 2014-KCRA TV Report

Learn from the Thinglink Project from the 4th graders of 2015-2016

Author Marci Seither

Vocabulary to keep an eye on . . .

Prologue: depot, calloused, lanky

Chapter 1: bickered, embankment, oblivious, jovial, salve, turbulent

Chapter 2: protruded, nonchalantly, chagrin

Chapter 3: formidable, foal

Chapter 4: mercantile

Chapter 5: tethered

Chapter 6: midwife

Chapter 7: ruckus

Chapter 8: none to add

Chapter 9: none to add

Chapter 10: rustle

Chapter 11: dignitaries

Chapter 12: sauntered

Chapter 13: singed, tedious

Chapter 14: cobbler

Chapter 15: intimidating, gingham, grimaced

Chapter 16: none to add

Chapter 17: none to add

Chapter 18: vivid

Chapter 19: pined

Chapter 20: sober

There are several other words and phrases that are unique to the time period of the story,

but the glossary in the back of the book will be used for those!