The Adventures of Pearley Monroe

by Marci Seither

Website by the fourth graders of
Mr. La Marr's Rapid Learner class at
Del Paso Manor Elementary School

For our first literature book of the year, the fourth graders read The Adventures of Pearley Monroe by Marci Seither. The historical fiction book told the story of young Pearley Monroe and his family living in Coloma in the 1880's. Pearley's grandparents were slaves and his father had to be purchased by his grandmother in order for the family to be reunited. The book has many adventures and keeps readers engaged through page-turning excitement!

Upon completing the reading, the fourth graders selected topics that were in the book. As part of Common Core State Standards, the class extracted history from a few of the many historical topics that Marci Seither taught through Pearley's story. The students created teams, decided upon their topic, broke that topic into subtopics and then began researching. The webpages needed to tell about the chosen topic, have an introduction and also had to explain our class's universal theme of change.

The Four C's of 21st Century learning were alive in our classroom during the project. The students had to collaborate and communicate about their projects. They had to think critically when they were choosing the information that they were to report. Lastly, the fourth graders needed to think creatively in order to make their page look appealing to a reader.

The students drafted their ideas for their topic in a word processor. They collected graphics that would enhance their topic. They learned how to use a website building program. Then, they put it altogether. The pages are linked below.

We truly hope that you enjoy our work. A lot of time and effort went into the product, and we hope that you learn something about all the different topics that can be found in reading Marci Seither's outstanding book, The Adventures of Pearley Monroe.

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Fourth graders at the Monroe-Gooch Family gravesite

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