With the temporary closure of the schools, there are many online resources to use to keep education moving forward. This page has a list of the many resources that have previously been sent out to the room 15 community. This purpose of the page is to put them all in one place and make them easier to use.

IXL Math

Mr. Math Blog

Khan Academy

Math Game Time

Cool Math Games

60+ Math Websites

PBS K-8 Mathematics

Math from LearnZillion

Story Starter

Common Lit

Many Books

Open Library

Time for Kids

Scholastic Magazines

Audible Stories Online

Random Prompts Writing

Learn Zillion Language Arts

Khan Academy Language Arts

Sacramento Public Library & San Juan

New York Times-What's Going on in This Picture?

Design Squad

Mystery Science

Make Me a Genius

Engineering for Kids

Hands on Activities you can do at Home

The Science Duo-Requires a password which was already sent out

Two Weeks of Science Activities You Can Do at Home

63 Easy Science Experiments for Kids Using Household Stuff

11 Engaging STEM Activities for Kids That Will Foster Curiosity


School Yard Rap

Sacramento Timeline

Social Studies for Kids

Subterranean Sacramento

Classics for Kids

Art for Kids Hub

Chrome Music Lab

Carnegie Hall Resources

Lunch Doodles with Mo Kennedy

Boom, Snap, Clap Body Percussion

Elementary Music From San Juan's Music Teachers

The Ultimate List of Online Music Education Games

Don't forget about Ms. Zee's Google Classroom-access through the portal

30 Virtual Field Trips

Tour of 33 National Parks

25 More Virtual Field Trips

12 Virtual Tours of Famous Museums

Virtual Field Trips From Discovery Education


Figure This

Brain Games


Making an Inflatable

Hoagies Gifted Education Links

Great Links from Mr. La Marr's Website

Fun & Games from Mr. La Marr's Website

Brain Pop-password needed and has already been sent out