The Rapid Learner students of Del Paso Manor will be working on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) enrichment investigations in the fall of 2021. Each class will be working on a problem solving experience based on the Next Generation Science Standards in the discipline of physical science. This page indexes each grade level and visitors can explore each grade's investigation. The grade level pages have information to explain the challenge and links for the students to use in solving their challenge. A  photo gallery is online to show the student engineers hard at work solving the problem presented to them. We hope each visitor enjoys his or her visit to our STEM site!

The Second Grade Investigation
The Third Grade Investigation
The Fourth Grade Investigation
The Fifth Grade Investigation
The Crosscutting Concepts
The standards for each investigation
Links  to all the investigations for the Mustang Engineers
The STEM '21 Photo Gallery
250 photos online and links to a handful of videos!

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