Environmental engineers need a prototype of an environment that could possibly be used to inhabit other worlds outside of our own. With an eye toward having humans colonize the moon, or maybe even Mars, efforts are underway to research environments that would sustain human life for an extended time. Your task as environmental engineers is to create a biodome that could be used as a model for a life-sized habitat that would house humans, just like on earth. The biodome will need to have an energy source as well as all the relationships that exist in earth's biomes. The biodome will be started and new pieces will be added over time. The goal is to create a fully successful habitat that will be a model for a potential biodome on another world. Millions of dollars are at stake, so collaborate with your team, make a plan, carry it out and adjust it as needed so that you create a model that can be used to begin life in the solar system beyond earth.







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