On this page, you will find the links for each grade level. The links are designed to further the knowledge of curious minded Rapid Learner Engineers. They extend the ideas learned in class and provide thoughts that may assist the student engineers in accomplishing the challenge put forth to them in their STEM sessions. The links are sorted by grade level, and some overlap, so feel free to investigate each grade's resources.

Let's all start here:

What is an engineer?

How do boats float? VIDEO

Why do boats float? VIDEO from Inspero

Why do ships float? Displacement explained VIDEO

How do ships float? Things Explained: Buoyancy VIDEO

What are the parts of a boat? VIDEO

What does a keel do for a boat? VIDEO

Newton's Third Law of Motion-VIDEO

Newton's Third Law of Motion Examples-VIDEO

Buoyancy Facts for Kids

The Floating Ship from Factmonster

How do boats float? from Wonderopolis

Why do some things sink and some things float?

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Insect Basics

Insect's Body parts

All About Insects-Great Site!

The Anatomy of Insects-YouTube Video

Characteristics of Insects-YouTube Video

Explore Main Insect Body Parts-Great Information


What's Inside an Anthill?-YouTube Video


Animals for Kids-Bees-YouTube Video


10 Things You Didn't Know About Flies-YouTube Video


Why Fleas Are So Hard to Kill-YouTube Video


Animals for Kids-Butterflies-YouTube Video

YellowJacket Wasp

Wasp Facts: they're actually pretty important-YouTube Video

Super Senses of Animals-YouTube Video

10 Most Dangerous Insects in the World-YouTube Video

Introduction to Biomes-YouTube Video

Earth's Five Types of Natural Environments

The Five Major Biomes, from National Geographic

Biomes and Ecoysystems with Links to Many Biomes-good resource!

The Environment: Global Warming

Climate for Kids: Climate Change from NASA

Climate Change: A Crash Course for Kids-YouTube Video

Animal Group Behavior-YouTube Video

Why Do Animals Team Up?-YouTube Video

Why Do Animals Form Groups?-YouTube Video

Surviving While Living in Animal Groups-YouTube Video

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The Magic of Redwood National Park-National Geographic VIDEO

Vintage photos of cutting down redwoods-VIDEO

One woman's fight against clear cutting and saving Luna-VIDEO

Clear-cutting a forest-VIDEO from long ago

Clear-Cutting a redwood forest in California VIDEO

Clear-cutting pros and cons-VIDEO-Opinion given-do you agree?

Who is still clear-cutting?

Clear-cutting pros and cons

Short article: Advantages and disadvantage of clear-cutting

How long does it take a redwood forest to recover from clear-cutting?

About clear-cutting from the Sierra Club-great article about the effects



What are landslides?

Clear-cutting and its effects on landslides

What is a landslide and what causes it? VIDEO

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Just because we can, should we?

Inside Biosphere2- The World's Largest Earth Science Experiment-YouTube Video

What is a Biodome? - from Wonderopolis

Biome Basics-good links on this page

Introduction to Biomes-YouTube Video

World Biomes and Ecosystems-good links on this page

Ecosystem Facts for Kids

Ecosystems-Games, photos, activities and videos

Understanding Ecosystems for Kids: Producers, Consumers, Decomposers-YouTube Video

Biotic and Abiotic Factors in an Ecosystem-YouTube Video

Photosynthesis from Ducksters

Photosynthesis-YouTube Video

Photosynthesis Video-The Dr. Binocs Show

Energy Flow in an Ecosystem-Food Webs

Energy Flow within an Ecosystem-YouTube Video

Dead Stuff-The Secret Ingredient in our Food Chain-YouTube Video

Energy Flow-Decomposers as Part of the Food Chain-YouTube Video

Interactions in an Ecosystem-Khan Academy

Interdependence in an Ecosystem-YouTube Video

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