You have discovered a new animal living in an environment that you had chosen to explore. You will need to tell the world about your discovery. You will do this by creating a museum exhibit to show your animal and tell about your discovery. The animal you discovered is doing very well in its environment. You will create a model of the environment in which your animal lives, and you will create a 3-D model of the animal you have discovered. You will need to use the information sheets as guides to explain your animal. Be sure that as you create your animal, you create one that will live very successfully in the environment you've chosen. Your engineering challenge is to trying to make the parts of your animal and, possibly, your environment move. Try to make your museum exhibit interactive for the visitor.

Biome Biomes are regions of the world with similar climate (weather/temperature) animals, and plants.

Ecosystem An ecosytem is a community of interacting organisms and their environment.

Adaptation Adaptations are physical or behavioral characteristics of a living thing that help it to survive in its environment.

Biodiversity Biodiversity refers to the rich variety of life forms such as plants, animals and micro-organisms on Earth that make up the different ecosystems.

Solitary Solitary refers to an animal that spends most of its time living alone.

Prototype A prototype is an early sample or model that is built to test an idea or a process.

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