On this page, you will find the links for each grade level. The links are designed to further the knowledge of curious minded Rapid Learner Engineers. They extend the ideas learned in class and provide thoughts that may assist the student engineers in accomplishing the challenge put forth to them in their STEM sessions. The links are sorted by grade level, and some overlap, so feel free to investigate each grade's resources.

Let's all start here:

What is an engineer?

California Watersheds

What is a watershed?-VIDEO

The Geology of Mountains

Where do mountains come from?-VIDEO

What is a landslide?-VIDEO

Landslide questions and answers

Landslide-The Dr. Binocs Show-VIDEO

Landslide-National Geographic-VIDEO with powerful footage

Earth science for kids-Erosion

Weathering and erosion-VIDEO

Wind and water erosion-VIDEO

Weathering, erosion and deposition-VIDEO

Erosion Facts for Kids-Different types of erosion

Interesting erosion facts from CoolKidsFacts-great photos

Erosion quiz from Ducksters

Weathering and erosion quiz for second graders

Weathering and erosion quiz-what do you know about those phenomena?

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Insect Basics

Insect's Body parts

All About Insects-Great Site!

The Anatomy of Insects-YouTube Video

Characteristics of Insects-YouTube Video

Explore Main Insect Body Parts-Great Information


What's Inside an Anthill?-YouTube Video


Animals for Kids-Bees-YouTube Video


10 Things You Didn't Know About Flies-YouTube Video


Why Fleas Are So Hard to Kill-YouTube Video


Animals for Kids-Butterflies-YouTube Video

YellowJacket Wasp

Wasp Facts: they're actually pretty important-YouTube Video

The Senses-very thorough site!

Animal Senses-YouTube Video

Super Senses of Animals-YouTube Video

10 Most Dangerous Insects in the World-YouTube Video

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Energy-This Resource has Everything You Need to Know!

Forms of Energy

Kids Energy Page

Energy-from Ducksters

Amazing Energy Facts

Kinetic energy-from Ducksters

Potential energy-from Ducksters

Energy Conversion

Collisions and Energy Transfer

Law of Conservation of Energy-video #1

Law of Conservation of Energy-video #2

Conservation of Energy-with a bowling ball!

Forces: Swings, Slides and Science

Newton's Laws of Motion

Laws of Motion-from Ducksters

What is Friction?

Factors Affecting Friction

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