On the evening of Wednesday, May 22, the fourth graders of room 15 hosted Science Night, 2019 The students' families and friends came to take part in hands-on science, and the fourth graders led the way; they were incredible! The students chose a topic to study, created a question and designed their activity to would answer the question. They then organized all their materials, created the manner in which they would present their information and guided the community through the activity. The fourth graders worked with small children, teenage siblings, parents and grandparents. Activities included stacking liquids based on density, demonstrating afterimages, deciding if Oobleck is a liquid or a solid, creating "elephant toothpaste", testing materials to see if they are acids or bases, popping corks high into the air from a bottle, powering boats with soap, and showing how hovercrafts work.  The students had a great time, and there was a great deal of science learning taking place. Enjoy the photos from an extremely successful night of science from Science Night, 2019.