Redwood sorrel

Green, tasty, leafy

Redwood sorrel

Night hike

Fun, joyful, dark

Night hike

Sea anemones

Colorful, wily,
deceitful, venomous, patient

Sea anemones

Hermit crab

Fast, small

unning, hiding, playing

Crustacean motorhomes


Banana slug

Slimy, s l o w

oving, eating
, sliming

Feasting on dead leaves and twigs



Gigantic, graceful

Towering, reaching, thriving

Tree, home, fungus, algae

Clinging, par
tnering, low-growing,

Resilient, symbiotic


Like a deep, damp cave

Like a lifeless hole

Like darkness swallowing me
Like a stone carving

Like an extremely large crevice in the tree

Like a mythical place for forming fantasies

Like cavern offering coolness and  shade on a hot day

Hermit crabs peeking out of their shells

The excited chattering of children finding interesting tide pool animals

The fresh scent of the salty water as it crashes against rocks

The cold sharp air blowing and stinging my face

The smooth round rocks I hold onto so as to not slip


The dark red bark

Sharp pointy leaves

The cool air blowing on my face

The fresh scent of bay laurel leaves

Woodpeckers swiftly pecking at trees

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