Calm, dripping, refreshing


Tide pools

Shallow, rough, shivery, slick, adventurous

Tide pools

Sea anemone

Peaceful, sticky, spongy

Sea anemone


Sparkly, deep

Crashing, rippling, escaping

Filled with creatures

Gigantic saltwater lake

Night hike

Chilly, peaceful

Gazing, walking, feeling

Dim stroll, glooming saunter, light venture, day stroll

Shining, warming, learning

Time-consuming, humid

Armstrong Redwoods hike

Woodpeckers making little holes in the trees to get insects out of the soft bark

 Deep, rich auburn redwoods towering over me

Moist, nutrient-filled soil mixed with the dry rocks and dirt on the trail

Vast, bumpy burls that grew on the coast redwoods

A cool, damp, energizing, and light breeze blowing through the trees and onto my skin

Douglas Fir Trees

Like a rainstorm except the clouds are the trees and the rain is the leaves and the cones

Like a town for any animals that live in Douglas fir trees

Like big giants but not the biggest in the forest

Like stairs leading nearly to the top of the forest

Like tiny coast redwoods with grayish bark

Like the roof of a house protecting me from the heat of the sun

Like looking at a miniature sized coast redwood

Grunting from the aggressive person hitting the bouncy, rubber ball

Dust rising high from the soft ground

Dirty, stench of the dust kicked up by the performing players fighting in the game

Warm dust rising and blowing onto my skin

The smooth, quick ball rubbing against my dirty, scaly, pinkish beige hands

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