All the amazing adaptations the redwoods have created being put into action

The occasional caw of a raven as it soars to the next tree

The slimy gooey layer of mucus on the banana slug’s skin

The damp misty air as the fog rolls in overhead

The redwood’s rough bark when I climb into the goosepen


Twisted, gnarled

Bulking, bulging, protruding

A large lumpy mass bursting out of the tree



Majestic, impressive

Towering, inspiring, astonishing

Burls, branches, waves, rocks

Crashing, rising, surging

Beautiful, jagged


Like a whole other remote world

Like nature gathering in one place for me to see it all

Like an underwater city of animals interacting

Like a rainbow of color forming beneath me

Like a concert of waves pounding on the rocks surrounding

Like exploring new land, every step leads to learning something new

Like one of nature’s purest forms

Hundreds of amazing creatures that surround me in every direction

The hermit crab’s pointy claws as it tickles my skin

The crash of waves as they start to corner us against the shore

An unexpected cold squirt of water when I squish the sea anemone’s slippery skin

A damp fishy stench that the misty breeze blows up against me

Hermit Crab

Protected, shy, fascinating

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab
    Crawling, tickling, pinching    

Hermit Crab


Calming, peaceful

Rushing, gushing, flowing

Like a picture in the movies

A small tributary


Extraordinary, individual

Scuttling, fleeing, hiding

Like a soldier in full battle armor


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