Cold, ghostly, blue


Tide Pools

Crashing waves of the ocean

Splashing salt water in the distance

Morning fog brushing against my skin

The fragile shell of a hermit crab

The sandstone I am climbing on


Like the Eiffel Tower

Like a hug, waiting to be embraced

Like a spider hotel

Like a bottomless cup of light coffee

Like a telephone pole

Like a leaf cone

Like a sight waiting to be seen

Porcelain Crabs

 Porcelain crabs

Pink, afraid, cowardly

Porcelain crabs



Dancing, hot, red


Banana slug and sea slug

Banana slug

Slimy, yellow

Decomposing,  unresisting, disgusting

Antennae, land, eyeless, water

Stopping, slowing, flowing

Stalky, bright

Sea slug

Sea anemone

Sea anemone

Sticky, bright, squishy


Sea anemone

Hermit Crab

Blue limbs, climbing on the new surface its shell is resting on

Little tickles, being reintroduced on and on

The smooth water brushing up against me

The salty water in the home of the crab

The cool air breathing on me

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