Redwood Forest
Redwood trees standing tall as soldiers at war
The leaves rustling in the breeze
The redwood sorrel swaying in the cool air
The scent of nature in the fog
The soft bark of a redwood feels spongy


The creatures in the water moving around
Waves crashing against the jagged rocks on the shoreline
The limpets and barnacles scraping my skin along the boulders
The salty water in the gusts of wind
The sea plants on the earth tickle me

Blue, bottomless, gigantic

Black, spotted, slippery
Slimy, stretchy, yellowish
Banana Slug

Morning Hike
Cilly, beautiful, foggy, dark
Morning Hike

Night Hike
Refreshing, spooky
Hushing, darkening, hiking
Leaves wobbled in the wind
Walking at night

Flowing, noisy, fast
Dutch Bill Creek

The  poison oak vine on the tallest tree twisting around
The birds chirp in the soaring redwoods
The pressure of the wind blowing against my face
The fresh smell of nature in the fog
The bumpy and bulging burls

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