Rushing water descending into a tranquil pool of water below

Water crashing into jagged rocks and calm water below

Strong, yet delightful smell of California bay laurel leaves.

Mist ascending then spraying against me

Uneven gravel and rocks


Crashing , pounding , swirling


The Redwood Hike

A great deal of moss covered trees and rocks

Birds chirping in a high-pitched tone far away in the distance

Fresh, crisp air free of pollution

The temperate moist air surrounding me

Frizzy moss as I walk along the trail waiting to discover more



redwood trees

Indestructible, everlasting, colossal, remarkable, marvelous,

Mysterious, divine

The Cargo Net

Mr. La Marr waiting for someone to attack him

People yelling and laughing as they tumble down the cargo net

Sweat from the people trying their hardest to take Mr. La Marr

Mr. La Marr prodding my rib cages after I tried to attack him

Taut yet bouncy ropes of the cargo net

Redwood Sorrel

Bitter, sweet, tart

Redwood Sorrel

Tree House

Calm, peaceful, heavenly

Tree House

Night Hike

Completely nothing but the twinkling stars in the sky

Cars driving by beneath me ruining my night vision

Minty, fresh smell as my partner chomps a mint in his mouth

Gravel as I carefully walk down the path all by myself

A minuscule jade , green glow worm

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