Tide Pools

Rocky, rough, watery

Tide Pools


Towering, soft, strait



Scaly, wet, tiny



Tiny, bumpy

Scurrying, hiding, pinching

A crab ate a baby chiton

Sea creature

Sea anemone

Wet, little

Living, squirming, fascinating

Tide pool, slime, sea, suction

Moving, sticking, breathing

Squishy, slimy

Sea star

A Hermit Crab

Like a spiral rock

Like a walking stone

Like two pinching fingers

    Like a rock in an earthquake   

Like a hardened clump of sand

Like a shrunken space helmet

Like a small shell of wonder

The Sea

The waves crashing against rocks

The sea birds calls

The mist of the water in my face

The water out in the ocean

The light ripples in the tide pools


Trees towering over my head

The song of birds calling for their mates

The soft dirt under me

The natural odor of redwood

The rocks next to me to get a better view

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