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Slimy, slow, yellow
Banana Slug

Sly, mischievous
Lurking, slinking, destructing
Nature’s robbers
Night ninjas

Evil, harmful
Destructing, damaging, harassing
We enjoy it, but destroy it

Dusty, dirty
Tiring, jumping, running
Showers are needed after played
Dirt Ball

Non-serene, Madness
Laughing, talking, sleeping
What I stayed in, in Westminster Woods
Hillside houses

A stream flying over a cliff side
The smash of the waterfall hitting the pool below
Drowsy by the sound of the waterfall
The crisp clean air coming off the water fall
The spray of the waterfall

Colossal giants towering hundreds of feet above me
The sound of the leaves as the wind flows through them
A misty dew like one of an unused basement
The duff crippling under my weight
The happiness vibrating through the forest

The creek below wanting to suck in a shoe
The creek in a valley underneath me
The growing excitement in my veins
The sweat growing on my body
The blood on my leg from a rope

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