Cathedral Ring Poem

Cargo Net Poem

Tidepool Poem

Cabin Poem

Night Hike Poem

The Cathedral Ring

Like a circle of towers around me

    Like long arms reaching above my head

    Like a temple of sticks reaching for the sky

    Like connect-the-dots in the shape of a star

Like tall pieces of broccoli

Like a giant beauty

The Cargo Net

Like a gigantic trapping net

Like a pile of kids falling back and forth

Like an unsteady platform

Like a floor one can shake

Like the highlight of recess

The Tidepools


Clear, Wild, Crashing, Salty, Slippery, Wet, Fresh


The Cabins


Woodsy, Exciting, Calming, Comfortable


The Night Hike

Night Hike

Mysterious, Unknown, Frightening, Fun, Positive, Tiring 

Night Hike

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