A perfect tree house above me

The sound of the tops of the trees swaying back and forth

Surrounded by giants

The crispy bark on the trees

The rough branches that fell onto the ground



         Flaming, dancing, warming                                     



Sticky, incredible
  Hunting, swimming, relaxing
Flower, predator, tunnel, coal
                          Standing, protecting, enjoying                          
Giant, scary

          Bumpy, colorful, delicate

Gloomy, frightening, adventurous, starry, beautiful, delightful
                                         Night Hike

        Clear, blue, colorful

       Like a perfect home for sea creatures
            Like a pool filled with currents
      Like giant waves pounding into the rocks
              Like different creatures waiting to be discovered
        Like a perfect scene of clear water
          Like a kaleidoscope of surprises
            Like a bountiful field of life
            Like a centerpiece of nature

             Clear, sparkly
    Flowing, shimmering, dancing

  A perfect home for Water Striders
                Small river


                Wonderment in front of me
          The birds chirping in the distance
       Nature rewarding me with its beauty
                    The crisp air of spring
             The layered bark on the trees

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