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Hermit Crab


Banana Slug

Tide Pools

Cargo Net


The Redwood

The giant awaiting a climber

The birds chirping on the massive branches

The coolness of the shade the giant tree makes

The minty refreshment from its needles

The thick, rough, colorful, bark


Cold, refreshing

Rushing, crashing, merging

Rushing blue line of water

Skinny river

Hermit Crab

Small, feisty

Hiding, moving, guarding
Small shell with legs

Living shell


 Seeking, scavenger, bandit


Banana Slug

Small, slow

 Sliding, eating, decomposing

Slimy banana

Banana Slug

The Tide Pools

The waves meeting each other with great force

The sound of the tide washing to the shore

The cool breeze from the ocean

The salty seawater around me

Chitin and hermit crabs hiding in their safe homes

The Cargo Net

Big, fun

Tackling, falling, wrestling

Big net of fun

Bruise maker

Sea Anemone

Big, grabby, hidden

Sea Anemone

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