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The Forest
The trees towering above me
The ravens cawing
The heat behind me
The cool air blowing against my face
The hard gravel under me



The Redwoods
Like a kingdom waiting to be explored
Like a never-ending story
Like a crowd of people
Like a growing child
Like a group of old friends
Like a hug of nature
Like skyscrapers in the city

Black, quiet, frightening, freedom, exhilarating

Vital, crucial
Protecting, preserving, persevering
Fighting for what is right

Coast Redwoods
Tall, magnificent

Growing, breathing, shading

Trunks, canopy, water, rock
Crashing, flowing, living
Treacherous, beautiful
Tide pools

Banana Slug

Sticky, slimy, slow
Banana Slug

The Creek
The water moving swiftly
My friends’ footsteps as they explore
Dampness as my shoes become submerged
The freshness of the forest nearby
The rocks as I make my way downstream

 Westminster Woods
Exciting, adventure-filled
Hiking, bonding, learning
Nature, redwoods, school, homework
Boring, studying, sitting
Routine, predictable

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