The Dark hike
The silent dark night
The small quiet hoot of an owl
The hard bark of the tall tree next to me
The minty Lifesaver in my mouth
The dead leaves on the ground moving

Wonderful, hu
morous, joyful

Slippery, refreshing
Splashing, squirting, soaking
Water that protrudes through rocks

Banana slug
Gooey, sllllimy, numbing, yellow, wiggily
Banana slug

Armstrong woods
The huge redwoods
The prey escaping from the predator
The trees closing in on me
The delicious smell  of redwood sorrel
The protruding burls

The huge hight of the redwoods
The bristling leaves fly
The redoods whispering to me
The bitter tannon
The hard bark

Editable, slow, shells


Sea Anemone
Squishy, funny wet
Sea Anemone

Hermit crabs
Hermit crabs trying to get back to their home
The designed shell with awe
The crisp clean air blowing against me
The hermit crab moving on my hand
The tides behind the boulder crashing

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