My friends admiring the beautiful scenery

The crashing of waves against the rocks
The wet moss on the rocks that I carefully climb
Salty water mixed with crisp air against my cheeks
Colorful creatures going on with their day


Moist soil I feel under my feet
Redwood sorrel against my mouth
Sprinkles of water tickling my nose
Quiet bird calls among the canopy
A maze of trees waiting to be seen

Pitch black all around me
The cry of my classmates
The bark of the trees
Charcoal in the air
My friends hands for balance

Limbs of trees to get up
Leaves and cones inside
A view of everything
Dirt and grass on the path
Squirrels running on th
e roof

Banana Slug
Slimy, hidden, ticklish
Banana Slug

Camp Fire
Dancing, vibrant, warm
Camp Fire

Westminster Woods

Playful, exciting, extraordinary
Westminster Woods

Dutch Bill Creek
Cold, fresh, fascinating
Dutch Bill Creek

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