Salty, sunny, crisp


Swift, hidden

Cruising, curtaining, blubbing

Well camouflaged in the deep aqua blue


Fun, exciting

Chatting, reading, playing

Cabin mates silently whispering and gossiping in the darkness


Lemon, steady

Trudging, decomposing, meandering

Slime, dirt, fur, curiosity

Climbing, tracking, consuming

Restless, sly


Calm, clear

Flowing, splashing, drifting

Freshwater, ripples, waves, collisions

Thrusting, raging, crashing

Aggressive, murky

The twinkling dim stars in the pitch black

The peaceful hooting of a nocturnal owl

The cool, light, refreshing breeze

A clean, fresh, wood-like scent

The comfortable grass as I lay staring in awe at the evening, starry sky

Crystal-like droplets trickling down a fern leaf
Water decending down from the clouded sky
The moist, humid fog

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