The fourth graders spent a week at environmental education camp in March, 2015. The students explored the redwood community at Armstrong Redwoods and spent a day at Salt Point State Park where they got to investigate tide pools. The class analyzed Dutch Bill Creek and tested different aspects of it while searching for macroinvertebrates. There was hiking to be done around camp in the daylight and the nighttime, a campfire that was full of fun activities, and an evening spent on learning about watersheds. The cargo net was great to play upon, and the playground and gaga pit added to the excitement of the experience. Chasing raccoons and catching a snake were bonus activities! Overall, the fourth graders had a great time with their friends and learned a lot while they were at camp.

When we returned, the students were challenged to describe their trip through poetry. The fourth graders were given several formats of poetry to write and the emphasis was heavily on word choice. Descriptive language is the key to success on the project. After the poetry was written, each student began creating a webpage to display the writing. The task was to find graphics to accentuate the writing, design a page that looks nice and give the reader a good idea of what life was like at Westminster Woods.

Use the links below to explore the work by the fourth graders. They worked hard to create pages that not only express the ideas about their trip, but also engage a reader. We hope you like our poetry and webpages!

Nithin Casey Sami
Raymond Cooper Oscar Sierra
Julia Lia Nimi Jamie
Maddox Matthew Ivey Tanner
Andy Trevor Regina Julian
Emanuela Ty Hayden Clara
Ben Dillon Zach Elissa
Ashley Nate Zoey Danwei

The class at Armstrong Redwoods after a day of hiking!

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