Banana slugs

Squishy, slimy
, slow

Banana Slugs

Cargo net
     Bouncy, playful, joyous
Cargo Net


Clear,  ctive

Flowing, refreshing, reflecting

A lot of animals that are active



Like a family of trees surrounding me

Like trees bowing down to me as I’m hiking down the trail

Like tall trees shading me from the sun

Like thousands of redwood sorrel waiting to be eaten

Like thousands of branches waiting to shake my hand

Like goosepens waiting for me to go inside

Like all the plants in Armstrong Woods are friends with me

The Adventurous Solo Hike

Nothing but DARKNESS in front of me

  My shoes crunching the leaves below me

  My hands sweat with fear

  The cool air go up my nose

  My hands holding together


Sneaky, wily, sly



Wet, clear, cold



Like the only light in the darkness

Like a lot of orange lights flying upward

Like a magical light glowing in the darkness

Like a bunch of sparks glowing together

Like the flames are petals of a rose

Like part of the sun on the floor

Like the flames are playing an active game


                           Westminster Woods Food                   

Delicious, nutritious

Eating, swallowing, smiling

Food that tastes awesome

Camp meals

Redwood Sorrel

Delicious, juicy

Appetizing, appealing, enticing

Plants that people love to eat

Flavorsome plant

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