Banana Slug
sticky, slimy, wet
banana slug

Redwood Forest
redwood trees all around me
leaves rustling all around me
cold air flying against me
fresh air all around me
rough wood on a redwood

Goose pens
mysterious, large,wide, bent, dark, spooky, scary,
goose pens

Night Hike
shapes of tree branches all around me
owls hooting to each other
the wind blowing all around me
the leaves strong sent at my nose
a net that had holes which we had to go through


small, simple,
rushing, flowing, running,
water flowing through it
habitat creek

Sea Anenome
straight, smooth,  sticky, soggy, wet, squishy, colorful
sea anenome


Hermit Crabs
like a pinching bug pinching me
like a feather tickling me
like a crawling spider
like a shy turtle
like a smooth rock
like a colorful rainbow
like a small leaf

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