Salt Point


Deep, clear,

Crashing, refreshing, stunning,

Waves thundering against rocks,

Body of water
Banana Slugs

Like a banana slithering from one place to another

Like numbing medicine when kissed

Like a yellow snail with no shell

Like a piece of elastic that can stretch up to eleven times itself

Like a long yellow carrot with two eyes and a foot

Like a cucumber that can be found in bushes and shrubs

Like the smallest helper in a forest

Tall Monsters

Some of the tallest trees in the whole world

The birds that are thankful to have such a great home

The soil beneath my feet keeping “the monsters” alive

The moisture of the water being released by the leaves

Their bark giving them protection


A dark burnt out hole

The whistling of the wind coming in and out

The bumps of the charcoal left behind by the fire

The smell of a burnt house or tree

The walls of the hollowed out tree trying to get out

Dark Hike

The most stars I’ve ever seen in my life

The owls hooting and the crickets chirping as I walk through the darkness

The cool misty wind of the night crashing against my face

The mint of the Lifesavers being chewed to see the glow of the friction

The ground carefully with my feet to know where I’m going

Morning Hike

A new place waiting to be discovered as we walk

Everyone’s excitement to see where we will go next

The twigs and small branches snapping beneath my feet

The water in the creek as it goes with the current

The rock next to me as I try to catch up with everyone

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