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Camping poetry
Sea Star poetry
Tide Pool poetry
Forest poetry
Animal poetry

The Redwood Tree


tall, majestic


 reproducing, living

A part of nature

magnificent tree

My Camping Trip

It's my first time campingwith my class
we did campfire, hiking, and tidepool, it was a blast!
playing at the cargo net and GaGa ball go by so fast
another great adventure, I'm hoping it will last

For three nights close to nature
the redwood trees with its majestic gesture
standing tall day and night
everywhere I go, it's such a lovely sight

I cant belive I did it!
three nights and four days without electronics
the things I've seen, animals, the ocean,
redwood trees
now I can say,"I am a nature fanatic"

The chanting camping songs
I can sing all night long
wonderful memories still lingers on

The difficult hiking and enless chatting
the excitement of discovering  and finding

I look forward to another camping
where we gt to play and experience
hands on learni

Sea Star

Like arms that poke through

Like the beauty of the sea

Like a bright light in the sea

Like a rainbow that gives color to the ocean

Like a rugged piece of bark

Like a branch of a tree that regrows its limb

Like a trap waiting for its prey

Tide Pools

The big magnificent ocean

The waves crashing on the pounding rocks

The refreshing salty water

The rough hard rocks

The Forest

A bunch of towering trees

The birds chirping and the leaves rustling

The heat of the rising sun

The fresh scent of nature

The soft leaves

Majestic Creatures

unique, creative

eating, sleeping, adventuring

Plays a part in nature

wonderful creatures

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