Place Value and Decimals

The Common Core State Standards covered in Unit 3 are:

  • Demonstrate an understanding that in a multi-digit number, each digit is 1/10 of what it represents in the place to its left.
  • Explains patterns in the number of zeros in the product when multiplying by powers of 10, and in the placement of the decimal point when multiplying or dividing by powers of 10.
  • Writes decimals to thousandths with base 10 numerals, words and in expanded form. An example of expanded form is as follows:

                    347.392 = 3 100 + 4 10 + 7 1 + 3 (1/10) + 9   (1/100) + 2 (1/1000)
  • Compare pairs of decimals to thousandths, based on an understanding of what the digit in each place value represents.
  •  Uses >, =, and < symbols to record comparisons of two decimals to thousandths.
  • Round decimals to the nearest one, tenth, and hundredth.
  • Divides a 3-digit whole number by a 2-digit whole number using strategies based on place value, the properites of operations, or the relationship between multiplication and division. 
  • Add and subtract decimals to hundredths, using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value and properties of operations, and the relationship between addition and subtraction. 
  • Add and subract fractions with unlike denominators, including mixed fractions. 
  • Convert among different sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system.

Cut-Eye weighs 50 pounds more than Praiseworthy.

Together, they weigh 130 pounds.

What does Praiseworthy weigh?

Jack has $21 more than Quartz Jackson and $48 more than Pitch-pine Billy.

Altogether they have $168.

How much money does Jack have?

Jack is twice as old as Constance who is 5 years older than Pearley.

Sarah is 6 years older than the sum of Constance and Jack's ages.

If the sum of the ages of all four people is 78,

how old is Sarah?

Four consecutive numbers add up to 1850.

What is the smallest number?

  Try These!


It takes Isaac 10 minutes to ride his bike down the hill to school and 20 minutes to ride up the hill from school.

He attends school Monday through Friday. How many minutes does he spend biking to and from school in two weeks?

It took Davina 45 minutes to clean her room

How many seconds did it take her?

One family of scrub jays inhabits about 25 acres of land.
No other scrub jay families live within the area.

How many acres of land do 24 families of scrub jays need?

The 2001 record for balancing drinking glasses was 75 glasses.

If the capacity of each glass was 20 fluid milliliters, how many total fluid milliliters could all of the glasses contain?

A nursery sells plants in flats.

There are 6 plants in each tray.

Each flat has 6 trays.

The nursery sold 18 flats on Saturday and 21 flats on Sunday.

How many plants did the nursery sell in all?

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