When German submarines are sighted near the coast of Venezuela, Phillip's father decides to send Phillip and his mother home, which is in Virginia. Phillip was especially unhappy to be leaving his father as well as his friends. On the way to Virginia, the ship was torpedoed by the Germans. Phillip and a stranger named Timothy have been cast upon an island in the middle of nowhere. Phillip has lost his sight and has to depend on Timothy or he will die.

At first Phillip was angry: he was separated from his family, he discovered that Timothy was a West Indian, and he, Phillip, was reared to believe that the black people were ignorant and stupid.

Through this journey of survival, Philip learns to "see" people for who they are and not for what they look like. An excellent story that deals with survival, courage, racial and cultural differences, and friendship. The Cay holds its listeners and readers in suspense.



Follow the links below to learn more about the topics mentioned in the book. These links will also be used in class to enrich the learning about the many topics suggested by The Cay.



The Area

Visit Curacao

Curacao from Wikipedia

Netherlands Antilles from Wikipedia

Flag of the Netherland Antilles

Money of the Netherland Antilles

U-boat in Curacao from You Tube

The Netherland Antilles on YouTube





World War II

U.S. Troops in Action

World War II Aviation Gallery

World War II in Europe Timeline

What Did you do in the War, Grandma?



Submarines and U-Boats



All about Submarines

Subs and U-Boats-fire a torpedo!





Weather Watch

Tropical Twisters

Surviving a Hurricane

Hurricane Survivor's Story

Hurricanes from Miami Museum of Science



Coral Reefs

From Oceanworld

Coral Reef Ecosystem

Coral Reef Animals and Printouts

Fish Eye View Cam of Coral Reefs

Play the Australian Coral Reef Game






Spiny Lobsters

Lobsters from Wikipedia

Lobster Body Parts and Printout





Island of Sharks

Avoid Shark Attacks

All About Different Sharks

Sharks from the National Aquarium




Moray Eels

Fact File

Moray Eels from Thinkquest

Moray Eel Body Parts and Printout

Green Moray Eel from the National Aquarium






Facts about Malaria

Fast Facts about Malaria

Information and Games!

Frequently Asked Questions

Malaria from National Geographic




Flying Fish

How do they "fly"?

From Encyclopedia.com

Flying Fish from Wikipedia





Sea Grape

Sea Grape Tree

Basic Sea Grape information

Uses, cultivation and where found + a picture!





The Coconut

Coconut milk

Climbing the coconut tree







Lizard Pages to Color

Lizards from Wikipedia

Lizards Links-scroll down the page




Dr. Martin Luther King

Timelines, photos, video clips

The King Legacy-in cartoon format

Dr. King from National Geographic, Kids

Dr. King from Enchanted Learning-lots of links




Causes of blindness

What's it like to be blind?

Describing things to blind people





Miscellaneous Links

The Survival Page

Meet Theodore Taylor

Theodore Taylor