General Earth Science Links~

Outstanding Geology Site-this site has great explanations!

This Dynamic Earth

Interact with the Earth!

Geology for Kids

The Earth-Inside Out!

Savage Earth-a PBS series

Ask an Earth Scientist


Plate Tectonics~ 

The idea that the continents move and drift over the surface of the earth as they sit on giant plates.


Plate Movements

Introduction to plate tectonics-a bit technical

Earth history with plate tectonics

Plate Tectonics from Enchanted Learning

Animation of the breakup of Pangea

Plate tectonics from NASA

Plate tectonics matching game

Plate tectonics concentration game

Plate tectonics word search

Plate tectonics flash cards



A sudden movement of part of the earth's crust

California Earthquakes

San Andreas Fault Facts

Earthquake Activities

Life Along a Faultline

Earthquakes vs. Volcanoes

Understanding Earthquakes

What to do in an Earthquake

Photos of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

How a seismograph works



An opening in the earth's crust through which lava escapes


Fun Volcano Facts

What is a Volcano? YouTube Video

Volcano World

Volcano from Enchanted Learning


Parts of a Volcano

Volcano Images and Classifications

California's Volcanoes

Mt. Lassen

Volcano Factoids

Can we predict volcano eruptions?

Pele-Tale of the Volcano Goddess

Watch Kilauea erupt from space

The Biggest Eruption Ever!




A large body of moving snow and ice


All About Glaciers

What Makes a Glacier?-video

Glaciers from Discovery Kids

Glacier Videos and Photos

Glacier Facts for Kids

Glaciers from Ducksters





The carrying away of rocks and soil by wind and water



Geography 4 Kids-Erosion

The Virtual Cave

Dirtmeister's Erosion Site

Erosion Facts for Kids

Rivers and Sediment

Erosion from Ducksters

Water Erosion Prevention

Prevent Soil Erosion

Erosion of all Types

Wind Erosion




Weathering is the processes which wears rock and other materials down and break them apart

Weathering vs. Erosion-video

Geography 4 Kids-Weathering

Weathering the Face of the Earth

View the Effects of Weathering

Weathering-Destroying Rock

Weathering Animation


Rocks and the Rock Cycle~

There are three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. The rocks constantly are changing form through the rock cycle which is the neverending changes
in rocks.


Learn about Rocks in the Rock Cycle

Rocks and Minerals-YouTube Video

Slide Show of Rocks

How are rocks formed?

Rocks and Minerals Fun Facts

Rock and Mineral Identification

Rock Cycle Graphic/Information

The Rock Cycle for Kids

The Interactive Rock Cycle

Identifying Minerals

Take a rock and mineral quiz

Games about Rocks and Minerals