For thousands of years, the Native Americans were the only people to live in California. That all changed in the 1500's as Europeans began exploring North America. Spain sent explorers to North America in an attempt to find a quick, passage to Asia to improve trade. It was thought that a fast way to Asia could be found through North America, so explorers were sent to find that passage. No such passage existed, however.

Spain created a colony in what is now Mexico and named it New Spain. From there, they could venture northward and explore California. In order to settle the land, good bays were needed to protect the sailing ships once they were docked. More explorers were sent to find good harbors at which Spain could begin settlements. Ships were torn apart by storms and rocky shores, and the efforts were given up. For over 150 years, Spain left California alone and the Native Americans were able to continue their existence with very little interference.


Use the following links to find out more about the first explorers to visit California from Europe.


Hernan Cortes
-he defeated the Aztecs and helped establish New Spain

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Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
-he was sent to find the Strait of Anian to improve trade with the Philippines


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Bartolome Ferrelo-took over after Cabrillo's death



Sir Francis Drake
-he was sent by the Queen of England to find the Northwest Passage, the same passage Spain called the Strait of Anian



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Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno
-he was sent to search California for a safe harbor using the Manila galleon of 1595


Cermeno and Vizcaino
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Sebastian Vizcaino
-he was sent to search California for a safe harbor


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Jose' de Galvez
-he encouraged Spain to settle California and his plan including builing the missions in California


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Gaspar de Portola
-he was the leader of the Galvez Expedition and was later sent to find Monterey Bay


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