Fun and Games

On this page, you will find games that are fun and have
educational value to them.

Enjoy the games!

The Titanic-from

The Box Game

Fun Puzzles to Figure Out

So, You Want a Pet Parasite?

Animal Planet-Games

Mahjongg Age of Alchemy

Weigh the Coins

Build a Volcano

What type of genius are you?

Build your own Roller Coaster

Make a Mummy

DiscoveryKids Videos

Play Shark Munch

Turn Milk into Rubber

Videos from National Geographic Kids

See Your Name in Hieroglyphics

The Same Game

Mythbusters Bug Quiz

Take the Stormchasers Quiz

Interactive World Map Scavenger Hunt

Play Space Games

Darwin's Evolution Survival

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Soccer Shootout

Find the Elements

Who is that?

Learning Planet Games

The Piano Player

United States Quiz Game

Color Blindness Tests

Human Body Quiz Game

President Word Search

Online Simon

Tic Tac Toe

Space Concentration

Fact Monster Games

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Maze Challenges

The Constellation Game

Four in a Row

Tower of Hanoi-Online

U.S. Geography

The Outer Space Quiz Game

Where is That?

Make and solve your own puzzles

Optical illusions

Mind Reader

National Geographic for Kids

Build a Bridge


Vocabulary Quiz

Online Checkers

Discovery Kids

Lights Out

Match the state


Test your IQ

Scripps National Spelling Bee

Online Nim-The Fruit Game

American Girl Website



MadLibs online-aka Wacky Tales