Links of Great Interest

Check out the links on this page as they are simply good links to follow. There are plenty of sites on this page which have interesting explorations awaiting.


Math Playground

Place Value Pirates

Common Core Skills

EduPlace-Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Brain Teasers

Decimal Squares-interactive games

Play Math Games with Mr. Nussbaum

Fifth Grade Math Sites-grouped by standard

Fifth Grade Math Practice-this site has everything

Fifth Grade Math Worksheets-from practice to enrichment

Fifth Grade Math Resources-Many opportunities for practice






Power Proofreading

Analogy of the Day

Suffixes and Prefixes

Practice Adding Quotes

Learning Vocabulary Games

SuperKids Vocabulary Builders

Daily Buzzword
-word of the day

Play Language Arts Games with Mr. Nussbaum

Fifth Grade Language Arts Sites
-grouped by topic

Writing Fix-random prompts to practice your writing
                        (scroll down the
page to get to the link)






Play Geonet

NatGeo for Kids

Guess the State

Online World Atlas

Geography for Kids

Countries of the World

Take the Geography Quiz

Trivia Plaza
-geography quizzes

Geography Games-

GeoBee-from National Geographic Kids

Interactive World Map from National Geographic






Science Explorer

How Stuff Works

Fun Science Experiments

Science Kids-online interactive site

Science Library Adventures

Discovery Channel for Kids

Science Games with Mr. Nussbaum

Explore Tons of Topics from the Exploratorium

Try Science-hands-on science online or at home!







Fun Stuff!

Brain Bashers

Brain Twisters

Play Simon Online

SAT Question of the Day

Sudoku and Other Puzzles

Logic Puzzles-from Math Playground





Virtual Field Trips

World Wide Panoramas

M.C. Escher-great tesselation art

Links for Kids from Hoagies Gifted Education-TONS!

Online Activities from Scholastic-all grade levels and topics