Due to the dynamic nature of a classroom, some homework assignments might change simply due to what happens in the course of a school day. Those changes will not likely be shown on this page. However, most of the information found here should be accurate.

March 18-21

Get your parent's signature on your successful practices packet

Do the Picturing Fraction Multiplication math sheet 184

Read chapter 8 in Woodsong and do the chapter 8 sheet-Use that GREAT effort like last week!

Work on your photosynthesis project, if you have time

Do the More Fraction Multiplication sheet187 in math

Read Days 1-2 in Woodsong

Work on your photosynthesis project

Study DOL for Thursday's quiz

Math quiz today

Do the flower sheet for science

Read days 3-5 in Woodsong

Study DOL for romorrow's quiz

DOL quiz today

Work on your photosynthesis project-it's due next Tuesday

No school today-no particular reason, just no school!

Enjoy the weekend!

You should be reading book #15-16 now

Homework to Download

The following pieces of homework are able to be downloaded for this week:

Woodsong chapter 8 sheet

Flower sheet for science

Photosynthesis Infographic Assignment Sheet

Photosynthesis Infographic Assignment Rubric

Picturing Fraction Multiplication
math sheet 184

More Fractions Multiplication
math sheet 187