for the week of

May 22-26, 2017



Due to the dynamic nature of a classroom, some homework assignments might change simply due to what happens in the course of a school day. Those changes will not likely be shown on this page. However, most of the information found here should be accurate.


Get your parent's signature on your packet

Do math sheet P 14-2

Complete the reading of chapter 14 in The Phantom Tollbooth and do the lessons sheet

Work on your blog


Math Quiz-Metric Measurement

Do math sheet P 14-3

Read chapter 15 in The Phantom Tollbooth

Work on your blog


Do math sheet P 14-4

Read chapter 16 in The Phantom Tollbooth

Work on your blog


Do math sheet P 14-5

Do the Transcontinental Railroad sheet

Work on your blog


Final day to turn in your independent reading work

Math Quiz-Volume and shapes

Enjoy your long weekend~

This is the end of the last 5-day week of school . . .


Homework to Download

The following pieces of homework are able to be downloaded for this week:

The Phantom Tollbooth lessons sheet

Social Studies-Transcontinental Railroad Sheet

Math sheet P 14-2

Math sheet P 14-3

Math sheet P 14-4

Math sheet P 14-5