for the week of

April 23-27, 2018



Due to the dynamic nature of a classroom, some homework assignments might change simply due to what happens in the course of a school day. Those changes will not likely be shown on this page. However, most of the information found here should be accurate.


Get parent's signature on your packet

Do the Sharing & Grouping-Multiplying and Dividing sheets 103-104 for math

Read Days 6-7 in Woodsong

Work on your Westminster Woods blog

Work on your poetry project


Do the Skills Review 2 sheet 193

Read Days 8-10 in Woodsong

Work on your blog and your poetry


Mr. La Marr out of the classroom today; still at work though!

Read Days 12-14 in Woodsong

Finish your social studies sheet if not done in class

Your Westminster Woods blog is due tonight!

Work on your poetry


Spanish today

Math quiz today


No school today

Enjoy your long weekend~

You should be reading independent book #17-18 by now


Homework to Download

The following pieces of homework are able to be downloaded for this week:

Westminster Woods Poetry Blueprint

Westminster Woods Poetry Rubric

Sharing & Grouping-Multiplying & Dividing
math sheets 103-104

Skills  Review 2
math sheet 193

Social Studies sheet-chapter 7, lesson 3

Gold Rush Literacy Website Rubric