"How the Forest Grew"

With Depth and Complexity


As we prepared for our trip to Westminster Woods, the students read a prose poetry piece entitled "How the Forest Grew." We analyzed the steps of forest growth and charted the stages in class. The students saw that there were definitive patterns to the stages of growth.


Upon our return from camp, the fourth graders were asked to compose an online poster about forest growth and use the icons of depth and complexity in doing so. They created their own teams, read the online assignment and directions, and created their posters using an online poster creating site. The students could select any four of the icons they wished to use. The information was generated by the teams and written in a word processing document. The teams were challenged to find a photo that would correspond with the growth of a forest, and they had to find at least three links to add to their posters. Those links were required to support any of the information about forest growth that the student found as relevent. The target audience for the information is 4-6 graders, and that is for whom the posters were written. In the midst of the process, we had major computer problems, but with persistence, the fourth graders completed their project.


The online posters can be viewed below by clicking the links. We hope you enjoy the work that was done by the fourth graders as they displayed their knowledge of forest growth through the icons of depth and complexity.


 Joseph, Cole and LeAnn's poster
  Katie, Maya and Clara's poster
  Sean, Kayden and Carter's poster
  Anna, Sammy, Annika and Molly's poster
  Andrew, Alexander and George's poster
  Wills, Colin and Aiden's poster
  Hannah and Libby's poster
  Naomi, Faith and Sunny's poster


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