Independent Reading Program


The fourth grade students will need to read a total of 20 books over the course of the school year, and each book needs to average 120 pages. Once the 20 books have been completed, students should still continue to read. The highest number of books read by one student in a single year is 137! She went well beyond the requirement. The way the independent reading program works is:



Each time a student completes a book, s/he needs to fill out the form titled "I've Read Another Book". These are available in the classroom on the side counter. They are also able to be downloaded using the proper link below. As a book is finished, the paper needs to be turned in. This should be an ongoing process over the course of the year. The form needs to be filled out for each and every book that is read. This is the manner in which I will keep a count of books and pages read during the school year.



All work can be turned in as it is completed. There is a basket at the side counter where students may turn the work in as it is completed. There is no real due date on any of it, but the pace should be 6-7 books per trimester. That will ensure completion of the requirements for the year.



In order encourage students to select different types of books to read, a literature blackout sheet will be given out to the students which has many types of genres on it. The student needs to record his or her books on his or her own sheet in order to keep track of the genres completed. The literature blackout sheet can be downloaded from the link below should a new one become necessary. I do not collect the blackout sheets; they are only for the student's records.

Sometimes, students forget to record the books they have read on their literature blackout sheets. Each student will have a file which has all their "I've Read Another Book" forms in it. Students have access to their file to check and see not only how many books they have read, but also which books have been read.

Click here for a description of some of the genres on the literature blackout sheet


Forms to download for the Independent Reading Program:

   I've Read Another Book!
   Literature Blackout