As we study the environment, our focus will be on how all life is interdependent. We shall investigate the conversion of solar energy to food energy and then trace that energy through the ecosystem. Our study will examine structures of both plants and animals and how those structures help the organism adapt to its surroundings and survive. Finally, we will look at how all of nature works in concert to sustain life on our planet.

This page of the website will be filled with links to investigate in order to add to the knowledge of the student and assist him or her in the quest for information about the world in which we live!



Explore Biomes and Habitats

Biomes of the World

Biomes-Lots of Activities Here

World Biomes and Ecosystems

All about Nature-Biomes and Habitats



Ecological Systems

Marine Ecosystems

What is a minibeast?

Freshwater Habitats

Ecosystems for Kids

Fun Ecosystem Facts

How do Ecosystems Work?

Visit the Rainforest Alliance

What is an Ecosystem?-video

Investigate the Fantastic Forest!

Explore the Prairie-Build a prairie!

Ecosystem Review-Jeopardy Style!

Cool Facts and Tips about Ecosystems



The Plants~

Plants!-This site has it all and is easy to understand!


Plant Parts


Exploring Plants

Fruit Development-YouTube video

Plants from Biology for Kids

Chlorophyll and Photosynthesis

Take part in the Great Plant Escape-Solve a mystery and learn at the same time!



The Dynamics of Nature~

Food Chains

Food Chains and Food Webs

Predator/Prey Relationships

Food Chains and Food Webs

Food Chains from Biology for Kids

Food Chains on Land and in the Sea

Adaptations of Predators and Prey-video

Predator/Prey Simulation-you set the conditions

Food Chains and Food Webs-from Khan Academy

Food Chains and Food Webs from Enchanted Learning





Fun and Games with Life Science

Nature Videos

Create a Minibeast

Ways of a Watershed

Online Nature Games

Build an Online Habitat

Animals of the World Games

Nature for Kids-tons of games!

Ecosystems and Biomes Matching

Ecosystems and Biomes Flashcards

Ecosystems and Biomes Wordsearch

Ecosystems and Biomes Concentration

Live Web Cams from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Photos from Harry Bowden, Nature Photographer