The task:

Create a website about your gold rush experience in Golden Gulch. Try to make it as realistic as possible to the actual California Gold Rush and allow your viewers to feel what it would have been like to be in the gold rush.


The process:

Work with your teammates to establish four categories of information about which you would like your viewers to learn. They can be about any aspect of your experience.


Fill out the planning sheet together. Decide how your team is going to manage the work. Turn the sheet in to Mr. La Marr for a quick glance before getting to work. Download the planning sheet by clicking below.


Click here to get the Golden Gulch planning sheet


You will need to write the information and type it in a word processing program. It will then be checked for spelling, conventions and accuracy by Mr. La Marr. The process will be similar to how BLOGS are approved.


You will need to create a section using our Universal Theme of Change. Select one descriptor of change and explain the California Gold Rush in terms of that descriptor.


Choose pictures from the Internet that reflect the California Gold Rush, and if you can, specifically about your topics. If you cannot find photos that go along with your writings, use what you can to give a reader a feel for the California Gold Rush.


You will assemble all of your writings and your photos on a website. You can get to your team's website by following the login instructions provided to you.


The group needs to be in agreement as to how the site will be displayed, yet each member of the group needs to use the ideas of working interdependently, as mentioned below.



The target audience:

Your work should target fourth graders and fifth graders, and thus, should be written to inform them about the California Gold Rush. Fourth graders in California should be learning about the gold rush as part of their social studies. Fifth graders across the country will more likely be reading about the California Gold Rush as part of their study of United States History.



The scoring:

Scoring will be based on the rubric that you can download and print using the following link:


Click here to get the Golden Gulch website rubric


Scoring will also be based on how well your team gets along and works interdependently. Keep in mind the ways to successfully work interdependently:

You are willing to listen to others
You are willing to give up your idea if another idea seems better
You know how to help the group succeed
You are willing to go along with the group's decision, even if you are not in full agreement
You are willing to learn from others
You have empathy for others


Click here to get the website building directions that are listed above



Click here to go to the gold rush page of the website