The physical science unit for fourth grade has the students learning about matter, magnetism and electricity. This page of the website will have links to those topics and some fun activities to try at home in order to practice some of the ideas learned in class. Physical science is a lot of fun, so sit back, click a link or two and have a fun time!



States of Matter~

Can you name all the states of matter?
What is Matter?
States of Matter
Matter is Stuff!
The Five States of Matter
Changing States of Matter
Characteristics of the States of Matter











Magnets and Electricity
Fun Information about Magnets
Magnets from KidsKonnect
How Magnets Work
Magnet Man-Cool Magnet Experiments






Static Electricity~

Static Electricity for Kids

Everything about Lightning

What Causes Static Shock

Good Explanation of Static Electricity

Static Electricity Activities-YouTube

Use Static Electricty to Move Things




What is Electricity?
Make a Lemon Battery
Electricty from KidsKonnect
How Electricity Works-Multiple Pages
Electricity and Magnetism from the Exploratorium
Electricity for Kids-Fun Games, Facts, and Explorations








Electromagnets for Kids
Bullet Trains and Electromagnets
Electromagnet Videos and Games
How Can You Make an Electromagnet?
Do you Know what an Electromagnet is?
How Electromagnets Work-multiple pages