The Room 15


August 14-18, 2017



We will begin our math instruction, which uses a brand new publisher in the RL Program. The first unit is titled “Expressions, Equations and Volume.” The students will begin by taking a pre-assessment for the unit on Monday. We will then begin the lessons on Tuesday. The 4th graders will work on developing the concept of volume in a matter that has them solving a situation involving the boxing up of baseballs. We will have multiple sessions to develop the concept, and the students will ultimately create a poster, in groups, to illustrate their learning. As the week progresses, the strategies of “halving and doubling” will be taught. This will teach strong number sense skills and give the students alternative ways to find solutions to problems. There will be a checkpoint toward the end of the week that is designed to measure the learning through the first couple of sessions.

Language Arts~

We will begin our first literature book of the year this week. Our first selection is titled The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. It is an historical fiction novel about the Monroe family who came to own much of what is Marshall Gold Discovery State Park. The family began as slaves, and the story will touch on a great amount of California and United States history. We will read the prologue and the first chapter this week. The students will have an assignment based on the prologue, and we will develop a literary essay in class based on chapter 1. The process of how to thoroughly answer questions in fourth grade will be taught and will continue to be developed over the next couple of weeks.

We will continue to develop Daily Bites this week. The students were introduced to it last week, and this week, they should begin to understand the flow of the program.


The class was truly focused last week on Friday’s science activity. This week, we will figure out how and why the activity worked, and we will communicate those thoughts through a diagram. We will also connect the concepts to the real world.

We will begin our geology unit this week. The unit begins with a study of weathering and erosion. The students will have the opportunity to examine and record data about the weathering of a simulated earth material in the classroom. From there, we will move to an erosion activity that will take multiple days to complete. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be recorded during the activity.

Social Studies~

We had a brief discussion about California’s geography last week, and there seems to be a number of ideas that need to be reviewed from last year. We will do so throughout our studies this year. Our first unit will be a group research and presentation project to determine the true hero of California. There will be a webpage going online very soon; it’s the launch page for the students. If you’d like to get more information about that activity, check out the True Hero of California link. It should be online no later than Wednesday evening, and hopefully much sooner!


We had an excellent start last week! The students brought a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm with them and there was a ton of positive energy in room 15! We will capitalize on that and launch our studies this week. I look forward to an amazing year of growth and the development of an attitude that anything is possible! It’s going to be an exciting year.
Upper grade Back to School Night is Thursday, August 24, at 6:15. I look forward to talking with you about your child’s 4th grade school year.

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