The Room 15


May 22-26, 2017



We will be working on a couple of topics this week. We will be reviewing measurement on Monday, and the students will have a quiz on metric measurement on Tuesday; that topic needs a bit of shoring up. We will also review volume and shapes a little through the week, and a quiz will be given on those topics on Friday. Some students need to show proficiency on those topics, and this will be the final opportunity to do so. We will also be working on line plots through the week. That is the primary topic of our data chapter. The students will be creating line plots, analyzing data in frequency tables and line plots, and learning how to interpret information in graphs. The topic should be completed this week. We will review the material early next week, and the students will take a test on the topic on Thursday, June 1.

Language Arts~

The Phantom Tollbooth is the material for our literature study once again this week. We are nearing the end of the book as we should be through chapter 17 of 20 on Friday. The discussions have been fun, and the students are definitely seeing the main points of the book. We have been interpreting what the author is trying to say through his writing, and we are eliciting the purpose for the characters that have appeared in the book. This week, there will be a comprehension sheet, and there will be a quiz as well. The students will keep discussing the material in class, and we are striving for high level understanding and the ability to support ideas with text evidence.

There will be a vocabulary unit this week. It will be the final vocabulary unit of the year. The words will have to do with prefixes meaning “backward and forward”. The quiz on the words and prefixes will be on Friday.

There will be one final blog to do, and the emphasis on this one is to say a lot with a few words. That idea has been in The Phantom Tollbooth and in social studies with the telegraph. The due date for this blog is no later than Tuesday, May 30. 


The students learned an amazing amount of science through their work on Science Night, 2017. They not only mastered their own topics, but they taught each other as they worked through the other groups’ stations. With that performance behind us, we will now work full force on our physical science unit, which we have already begun.

Last week, the students created their own circuits and are building an array of switches to turn their circuits on and off. The innovation and excitement have been fun to watch. This week, we will work on the idea of conductors, insulators and resistors. The students will test a multitude of materials with their circuits to determine a rule for what makes a conductor or an insulator.

Social Studies~

We are working on the material about the Transcontinental Railroad. The material this week will focus on the building of the railroad. The students will work on the final project of the year, and it needs to be 100% done at school. The topic is improving communication and transportation from the East to the West. It will be a group project, and it will be due next week. There will be sufficient class time given to do the work at school.

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