The Room 15


April 23-27, 2018



The class will continue with learning how to multiply fractions. We will continue to use word problems to do so, and the students will be applying the skills they have already learned. We will also move into dividing fractions and whole numbers this week. The class will work on differentiating the type of division problem they have-is it a sharing problem or a grouping problem? The skill will be taught and then applied in problem solving settings. By the end of the week, we will be working on dividing a whole number by a fraction. We are near the end of the unit and a test will possibly be given toward the end of next week, as long as we are finished with the math CAASPP tests.
Our review for the CAASPP tests will continue with a look at quadrilaterals. and then we will work on some measurement ideas. The students will work together in class on a review assignment to help prepare for next week’s tests.

Language Arts~

We will complete the reading of Woodsong this week. The students will have one last quiz on the book; last week’s was not very successful so hopefully, this one will be better. The students will work on a comprehension assignment in class in small groups this week, and they will add to the vocabulary list. We will begin some review of the vocabulary as we prepare for the quiz, which may be next week. 

The students will continue to write the redwood report in class this week. There is a great deal of teaching occurring about how to connect ideas within paragraphs and how to build transition sentences from paragraph to paragraph. Hopefully, the body of the report will be rough drafted by the end of the week. Students can begin typing the body if they’d like as they prepare for the final copy of the report. We will add an introduction and a conclusion, as well.

The Westminster Woods blog is due no later than Wednesday night. That was assigned on Monday, April 16, so ample time has been given to write that piece. The students should also be working on their poetry project. That was assigned last Tuesday. The students were to have the poetry rough drafted by April 23. On Monday, the students will be given a rubric and the rest of the instructions about how to assemble the project. This project is one to do at home. It is due on Wednesday, May 2.

We will continue the set of  DOL sentences this week, and the students will take the quiz on Thursday. It was hoped that a vocabulary unit would occur this week, but with the short week, we will not try to squeeze one in.


Social Studies/Science~

The students began their websites last week, and they will continue to work on that in class this week. We will also try to complete the material about California statehood this week. We need to read about the Compromise of 1850 and see how that allowed California to become a state.

The science that we will do will be the graph that was referenced in last week’s newsletter. We did not even start it last week. The graph will help the students with their math CAASPP tests, too.

We will begin planning for Science Night, 2018 this week. The night of science is set for Wednesday, May 16 at 7:00 in room 15. It is always a lively evening of science fun!

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