The Room 15


October 16-20, 2017



The class created maps last week to use in solving fraction problems. This week will begin with the solving the problems associated with the maps. The students will play a game called “Racing Fractions” later in the week where they will be able to break fractions apart and strategically place the amounts in particular places in order to win a race. We will end the week working with double number lines in order to solve problems. All of the work this week helps to create a solid understanding of the amount that each fraction is worth. We are working toward the idea of common denominators in fractions, but the foundation for that is still being built. Much of the work involves visually representing of fractions which helps students understand fractional values.

Language Arts~

A majority of our language arts work this week will be utilizing the social studies book and learning to read factual text. We will also be using some video to create meaning, and so listening skills and the ability to interpret the information will be important. Listening is on the CAASPP tests in the spring and needs to be developed. The topic we are studying is the Mexican-American War.

We will have a vocabulary unit this week. It’s a shorter week with the field trip on Tuesday, so more time at home to prepare may be needed. The prefixes for the week are those associated with the numbers 1-4.

The students need to turn in their writing for the Rain Away/Don’t Rain Away science activity on Tuesday. We have been working on this for quite a while, and plenty of class time has been supplied for students to complete the job. Several fourth graders have turned the completed work in already.

The final project for The Adventures of Pearley Monroe is due on Friday. The writing and scene need to be put together at home. The students will have their rough draft given back, with many comments on it, and they can work to make the final copy strong, if they follow the comments on the rough draft. The rough draft, self-scored rubric and final project all need to be turned in on Friday.


The students began an activity called Calcite Quest last week. We will continue with that activity this week. We are testing four rock samples to see if calcite is one of the minerals that make up those rocks. There are multiple tests involved to arrive at a valid conclusion, and we may be able to complete the activity this week. It depends on how fast liquids can evaporate! If your fourth grader didn’t tell you about the reaction between calcite and acid last week, ask him or her. It was fun test to watch.

Social Studies~

The students will be working on learning information about the Mexican-American War this week. Through the use of video and text information, we will learn how California became part of the United States. The students will work in teams to create a graphic that shows the main idea and details of that process.

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