The Room 15


December 18-21, 2017



The class will work on developing more strategies for how to work with decimal numbers. We will open the week with a subtraction problem string, and the students will learn how to use the constant difference. This is a strategy to use in making subtraction problems easier and develops number sense. We will begin some work on the metric system, and the students will use a meter to break down fraction and decimal amounts based on the meter as a unit. That will lead to learning the different units of the metric system. There will also be some work where the students will begin to convert amounts and use decimal place values in doing so. We will use computer memory terms to do so. There will be another checkpoint this week to assess the learning thus far.

Language Arts~

The students should be working on a couple of pieces from By the Great Horn Spoon! The vocabulary quiz on the words is on Wednesday. We practiced some last week, and there was quite a bit of studying to do based on that session. The fourth graders should also be working on their final project. It is due by Friday, January 12. A blog was also assigned, and it is due no later than Friday, January 19. The assignment is on the blog site if you’d like to take a look.

We will work on Daily Bites this week, and there will be a quiz on Thursday. There will not be a weekly vocabulary unit as the vocabulary quiz for By the Great Horn Spoon! will take that time.

There will be more time in class this week to work on the writing project. The entire piece is due no later than Thursday, December 21. There have been 12 students who have turned in the final copy already. For those who have finished the work, they can use the class time to work on their literature project or their blog. The descriptive writing should be fully completed in class; there has been a great amount of time dedicated to that piece.

We will begin our new literature book this week. The book is Number the Stars. We will read the first two chapters in class. We will also write essay responses to those two chapters. There is a huge need for the class to learn how to put ideas into their responses, so that will be an emphasis for this book.


We had a great learning experience last week. The fourth graders worked well to convince each other of the identities of the mineral samples, and they got the answers correct. The process was great to watch. We did struggle with the reading material last week, and so we had to work on that in class after it had been scored. Thus, we didn’t get to start the next hands-on activity yet, but we will this week!

Social Studies~

We will continue with the gold rush study. This week, the students will take notes about the rushes in Nevada and Colorado. They will complete the next outline, which has a great deal for them to fill in. If all goes well, we will have our next mining round on Thursday. There will also be a comprehension sheet for the students to complete based on the last article that they read.

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