The Room 15


June 4-5, 2018



The students will work on some problem solving where there are many ways to get to the correct answer. That will give the students an opportunity to apply the strategies they’ve learned this year. There will also be an emphasis on the multiple ways of answering a question based on the label that is attached to the answer. The students worked collaboratively last week on some problems like this, and there was a great deal of discussion about how to solve the problems. That is what innovators do!

Language Arts~

We will complete The Phantom Tollbooth on Monday. The rest of the book will be read in class. As we read, we will discuss, and the students have done a great job of interpreting the information in the book. At the end, we will discuss the meaning that the author tried to convey to his readers and how he conveyed it. The book has been read somewhat quickly, but the students have done a good job with it. This is a book that can be read over and over and new ideas will surface to a reader as his or her perspectives change. It’s also a fun book to read with your child, if you are so inclined, as there are so many messages that come from the book.

With respect to the independent reading program this year, I have processed all the paper work that was turned in; I hope all the forms were actually turned in! There were 21 students who turned in the paperwork for all 20 books and another six who were within a book or two of reaching the 20 book goal for the year. Have your child read and read this summer; there are numerous benefits to reading, and they’ve all been discussed in class with the 4th graders.



The students examined magnetic fields last week, and there will be a bit more work on that so there is a clear understanding of magnetic fields. We will then work on magnetic fields and electricity as the students create electromagnets. They will see that electricity creates a magnetic field, and that different materials can be magnetized. The goal will be to work in collaborative groups to create the strongest electromagnet possible.

The students will watch an innovation clip from The Men Who Built America from The History Channel. They will then be challenged to create the tallest tower possible with a given set of materials. The task requires innovation and engineering in order to be successful. It is a fun challenge for the final day of the school year.

Social Studies~

We may be taking a look at a political cartoon about the power of the Big Four this week. Interpreting the cartoon is fun, and it is a great way to close out our study of the Transcontinental Railroad.

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