The Room 15


November 18-22, 2019

We will continue to work on the decimal unit this week. In order to build a strong foundation as to what decimal amounts look like, we will begin the week with some shading in of decimal amounts. The goal is to make something that is abstract a little more concrete. Following that,
we will work on some subtraction strategies that utilize number lines. That will eventually lead into subtracting decimal amounts and another problem string. The students will then work on a decimal grid as we examine decimal place values in a picture format. This will work to demonstrate relative sizes of the decimal place values. The students will take part in a game where they will be challenged to make the smallest or largest decimal amounts based on the numbers that they draw in the game. Once we have done that, there will be a very brief, two question quiz about decimal values. That will be done on Thursday.

We will complete the reading of By the Great Horn Spoon! this week. The students will read chapters 14-17 on their own as homework, and on Friday, we will read chapter 18 together. There will be a quiz this week, and there will be one comprehension sheet. That will actually help set up the final project, which will be assigned after the upcoming break. We will try to complete all the vocabulary words, but that might not happen until after the break. We will continue to discuss the book and pull out the factual pieces of the California Gold Rush.
With only three hours per school day, there will not be a Daily Bites or vocabulary unit this week. They will resume in December.
A descriptive writing assignment will be developed throughout the week. We began the prewriting last Friday, and this week, we will have several activities to build the skill of writing descriptively. By the end of the week, the students will be given the assignment, and we will begin the planning of the writing. The class will also be given a sample of what is expected in the piece. 

We held a “geology convention” last week where the fourth grade geologists worked to figure out the model we made of how salt gets to the ocean; it was hard work with lots of thinking! We also worked on figuring out the main parts of the process. This week, we will complete the charting of the process, and then the students will work on an in-class piece to show their learning from the activity.

With only three hour days, we will not work on the gold rush simulation this week. There will be plenty of gold rush learning through our literature book, though.

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