The Room 15


December 10-14, 2018

The students will continue to learn about decimals. There will be two small assessments this week. One will have only two questions, and the students will need to explain their thinking in any manner that they see fit as long as they apply the strategies being taught. The other assessment will have a variety of decimal problems to solve. The class will continue to solve problems in problem strings, and there will be a game to play that will have the students create decimal numbers to add. The goal is to build decimals that will yield a sum as close to 1 as is possible. The class will also work on the relationship between fractions and decimals, and we will work on a chart to show equivalencies. The students will continue to illustrate their thinking in multiple ways as we gain more strategies to use in solving problems.

The fourth graders will take their math NWEA test on Wednesday at 10:00. 

We will continue to read  By the Great Horn Spoon!. We will get near the end of the book, which will be completed next week. There will be two quizzes this week. We are working to better the scores on those, so there are two opportunities this week to do that. There will also be a comprehension sheet for homework, and more vocabulary words will be developed.

We will work on Daily Bites this week, and the final Daily Bites quiz of the year will be on Friday. When we return from Winter Break, we will work on a new program called Daily Oral Language. We will not have a vocabulary unit this week as we need the time for our writing project.

The students have been given the descriptive writing project. We worked a great deal last Friday on how to build strong sentences with good description; the fourth graders were very motivated to begin last week and didn’t want to stop writing! An example will be read to the students on Monday, and then the class will be off and running. The writing will be developed every day in class this week, except for Thursday, and if needed, it can be worked on at home. The rough draft should be done by this Friday, and the final copy is due no later than Friday, December 21.

We will try to move forward on our regular science program, but the emphasis this week will be on the STEM project. The students are busy planning and designing the final erosion prevention strategies. They are discussing the laws that will need to be passed to help Seaside stay safe and make the stakeholders happy! It’s been a fun process to watch.

The students are finishing up the notes about the different mining techniques that the gold miners used during the gold rush. Once that is done, they will complete the third outline of the simulation. At that point, we are ready for the first mining round. The students will get their first fate card of the game, and they will be able to answer questions as a team and earn gold nuggets. If they miss a question, they can lose their claim, which results in earning no gold. They can always earn a claim back by correctly answering a missed question by another team. We should begin working on notes for the next outline at the end of the week.

Download a hard copy here