The Room 15


June 10-11, 2019

The class will take part in a problem solving session and will be able to practice some of the skills they have acquired this school year. Additionally, there will be an engineering activity on the last day of school that will involve some math as the students will be challenged to create the tallest tower possible given a set of supplies. Geometry will be important in being successful in this fun activity. We got into some pretty high level ideas last week, as this class does, as we looked at division with fractions and whole numbers.

We completed The Phantom Tollbooth last week, and it was a fun finish to the story. The students wrote about the best lesson for Milo as they completed their literature study for the year.

We got into an interesting idea last week, and if there is time this week, we will pursue it a bit. The thought of putting certain characters from all of our stories together came forward. That could lead to some interesting ideas. Hopefully, there will be time for the students to explore those ideas. That will truly illustrate their understanding of the books we have read and the characters within them.

The websites are done! There was a great deal of language arts involved in the process as the students read, wrote, edited and revised their own text. The collaboration and communication was high, and the result is impressive. I hope you have a chance to look at the work of the fourth graders.

The students worked on the idea of conductors and insulators with their circuits last week. This week, we will take a quick look at magnetism. The students will be able to create magnetic fields and will be able to see them as well. We will set up an investigation to see how the biggest magnet in the world affects the magnets in our classroom.
The STEM project will be completed on Monday, and we will have a showcase in our classroom where the students will be able to explain their creation to their peers. It’s been a lengthy process, and the creativity has been excellent to witness.

We will conclude the book Coolies this week as we conclude our study of the transcontinental railroad. The book tells the story of two brothers who came to America to build the railroad. If we have time, we will dissect a political cartoon about the Big Four and their immense power.

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