The Room 15


May 26-29, 2020

We will begin the week with a little more work on quadrilaterals and their attributes. Students are picking it up, but there is a lot to discern, and we truly have limited minutes in distance learning. Once that is completed, we will move on to graphing on a coordinate grid. It was hoped we could have started that last week, but the quadrilateral work needed more time. We will do a couple of activities this week; last week papers were sent via email for the students to print out and use during instruction. The graphing sheets were not used, so we will use them this week. After a couple of activities on graphing, we will return to metric units of measurement. We will look at metric units of length, capacity and mass. That will begin at the end of the week and will carry into next week. Following that, we will strive to work on customary units of measurement.

The plan was to complete Woodsong last week, but there was a day where we didn’t get to work on it at all, and another day where we discussed a bit more and didn’t get as far as planned. There-fore, it looks like we will complete the book on Wednesday. A  final piece of writing will be assigned asking students for their opinion on the book. This piece is, in essence, a final assessment of how much your 4th grader has learned and is able to apply to writing. The expectation is that it is a well-developed piece that has all opinions supported. There should be depth to the piece and it should be edited for spelling and conventions. Often, Mrs. Darrow asks for pieces like this to be shared with her in order for her to see how the 4th graders have ended their year in writing so she can continue with them next year. The piece will be assigned on Wednesday, and it is due no later than Monday afternoon. There is also a piece to it where students need to find an image online that they think connects with the book. That image will be put into the writing and captioned in a way that shows the reader the connection between the book and the image. This assignment needs to be done on the Google Classroom document.
We will have the final Daily Oral Language quiz on Thursday of this week. We will complete the final two sentences on Tuesday, and the students will do the quiz as a homework assignment.

We still need to complete the activity about bumper roller coasters. From there, we will decide what the next step of science is. Only a small handful of kids are doing the activities, but I would like to continue for them.

We will spend the rest of the year working on the attempts to connect California to the rest of the country. Many methods were tried, but in the end, the transcontinental railroad was the answer. We will do our best cover as much as we can on the topic.  

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