The Room 15


November 13-16, 2018

We will complete all of the second unit this week. We are working on finding the least common multiple and the greatest common factor. Both of those need to be found in order to add and subtract fractions and simplify fractions, respectively. We have found strategies to do those actions with fractions, but now we will learn the most direct manner. The students will work on some problem solving involving the use of the LCM and the GCF and that will complete the unit.
On Friday, we should begin unit 3. The unit is called Place Value and Decimals. It will be great to move right into decimals after having worked with fractions as the connection between the two can be further investigated. The unit will begin with two problem strings. The problem strings begin with the adding of decimal numbers  in the context of money.

The class will continue to work on the reading of By the Great Horn Spoon! This week we will only be able to read chapters 7-8 as we once again have a short week with a field trip as one of the days. The students will have a reading quiz and a comprehension sheet to do this week. We will also continue to work on vocabulary words with the book. Our main characters will actually reach California this week, and we will continue to use the material to find out what life was like in the California Gold Rush.

With the short week, there will be no vocabulary unit nor will there be any Daily Bites work. Those will resume after the minimum days which means, December.

There may be a new blog assignment given on Friday, if all goes as planned in our gold rush simulation. The topic will be the journey to California during the time of the gold rush.

We will begin a writing project at the end of the week that will continue for multiple weeks. The emphasis will be on descriptive and figurative language. We will work on one prewriting activity this week.

The class will hopefully complete the testing of the mineral samples we have been exploring. Some students have done the work and have names for the minerals. The goal is to get everyone to that point this week. Then, the great mineral debate can begin as the class of geologists need to try to come to consensus on the minerals’ identities.
We will continue to work on the STEM project. There is at least one team ready to have the second round of testing done as they have their erosion prevention methods in place. The other groups are not far behind. All groups should have their second tests conducted this week.

The students will complete the reading and highlighting of the first gold rush article this week. We will also work on learning how to outline an article. That work will be done in class. Following that, the students’ teams will take on the challenge of trying to get to California from the East. Each group will need to select its method of travel and try to get to California as quickly as possible.

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