The Room 15


January 21-24, 2020

The students will take part in a number of problem strings through the week. To start the week, we will begin to move into multiplying whole numbers by fractions and decimals. The students will play a game where they will create their own math problems and move the numbers around to create either the highest or lowest score possible. Following that, the class will take a very brief, three item, quiz on the work we have been doing. More problems strings will follow as the multiplication will become a bit more complex. We will also do a great deal of ratio table work this week. The students will be adding on to the work we began last week with respect to a business and how creating a profit works. Ratio tables require logical steps and accuracy in order to get the entire problem correct. Slow, thoughtful, analytical thinking is needed to do well with that strategy.The work on ratio tables has the students working algebraically.

This week, we will work on chapters 13-15 in Number the Stars. There will be two quizzes, but no comprehension sheets this week. The class is doing well in discussing the book, and we have a very fun chapter to discuss this week. It gives the opportunity for some extremely high critical thinking development. We will practice the vocabulary words a little, and at the end of the week, there will be a practice sheet to help the students learn the words. The quiz on the words will be on Friday, January 31 as we will complete the book early next week.
With the short week and the need to prepare for the trip to Monte Toyon, there will be no DOL or additional vocabulary unit this week.
The class began working on recording notes for our redwood project last week. We will continue that process this week. We are using Internet articles as our research material. The class is learning note taking skills, but at the same time, the students are learning a great deal about redwood trees.
The blog based on last week’s field trip was assigned on Friday. For this blog, the students have a rubric to follow which will need to be submitted after the blog is published. The blog is due no later than Friday, January 31.

The fourth graders began an activity about vascular plants last week. Each student had a stalk of celery, and we tore it apart to find the vascular system. We will attach meaning to that investigation this week, and the students will continue the activity with lettuce and tree leaves. We will also take a look at the seeds that we planted last week, and we will see what has developed within the baggies over the past ten or so days. The students will practice recording data about their plants, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Early next week, we will examine fruit and see how it functions for a plant. Each student will need an apple for that, but not until early next week.

The students will be given the information for the next gold rush outline this week. The topic is life in a gold mining camp. They will then complete the next outline in class, hopefully, which will set up the next mining round. Prior to working on the outline, we will debrief the previous outline.

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