The Room 15


March 18-21, 2019

The students will work on some generalizations about multiplying with fractions to begin the week. We will create more posters for the room as we sum up our thoughts. There will be examples to prove the ideas that we create as well. Following that, the students will work on showing the multiplication of fractions using diagrams. We did this to some extent with geoboards last week, but now the students will create their own arrays to illustrate the problem. They will also play a game where they create fractions to illustrate inequalities. By Wednesday, the class will be ready for its next fraction assessment. This is a brief one, and they should do very well as the class has learned and applied the concepts in this unit well. At the end of the week, we may be able to begin the final module of the unit; the topic is division.
As we prepare for our standardized tests, we will continue to practice some ideas in geometry. This week, we will create illustrations of the three types of triangles and see how many degrees are in a triangle. The students will also use compasses to practice measuring angles.

The class will continue to read from Woodsong. We will read the final chapter prior to the author running the Iditarod. Then, we will read Days 1-5 of the Iditarod. There will be one comprehension sheet to do this week, and the class will take two quizzes. The fourth graders are increasing their achievement on the quizzes. The comprehension sheet from last week was the best one of the year. The students have been challenged to raise the effort, and last week, they did. Hopefully, that will continue through the final day of school. We will continue to add new vocabulary words from the book, too.

We will complete the notes for our redwood project this week. The students will view some more of the DVD we started a while back with the goal of gaining more information about conservation efforts.

The DOL quiz will be on Thursday of this week since there is no school on Friday. Due to the short week and an assembly to kick off the testing season, we will not have a vocabulary unit as there isn’t sufficient time. We are building vocabulary in literature and science, so there are vocabulary lessons occurring.


We will have two dissections this week. The kidney bean dissection didn’t occur last week, so we will work on that. The students will create a labeled drawing of the seed to develop deeper knowledge about seeds. We will complete our plant study with the final structure to study, and that is flowers. The students will each dissect a flower on Wednesday. The students should be working on the photosynthesis project each day this week. Class time will be given, but time at home is necessary.

We tried to begin statehood last week, but it didn’t happen. Right now, we are reading Journey Home which is the sequel to Journey to Topaz. We are learning social studies, but it is embedded in the literature book. We will try to touch on the topic of statehood this week, but with our preparations for Westminster Woods, it has been difficult to get to it. We may have to resume next week.

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