The Room 15


September 17-21, 2018

We will complete all the work for our first unit this week. We will work on one last problem string where the students will work on the over strategy a bit more. The rest of the week will be spent on division problems. The students will illustrate the process in class. There will be problem solving situations where the students will need to determine what to do with remainders. Language of the discipline will be developed with respect to division, and that will be recorded in the composition books. By the end of the week, the students will collaborate on some division problems and apply all that has been learned through the week. That will conclude the material for unit 1; there will be a review on Monday of next week, and the students will take the final assessment for the unit on Tuesday of next week.

We will read chapters 10-13 in The Adventures of Pearley Monroe this week. We began a new episode last week, and the 4th graders had a lot to say about the new characters in the story. The episode will conclude this week, and we will examine the role of the characters who came from Boston. There will be another quiz this week, and the students need to read very carefully and thoughtfully in order to succeed on these quizzes. More vocabulary will be developed through the week, and there will be one comprehension sheet to do for homework.

The blog assignment was given last week. We did a lot of work to build background knowledge, so there should be plenty for the students to tell. Originally, the due date was this Friday, but looking at the work we are doing, it will be best to move that due date to next week. That will allow the students to do a good, thoughtful piece of writing. The work should be developed through the week, and it needs to be posted no later than Tuesday, September 25.

We will have a vocabulary unit this week. The unit’s title is ways to move. There are three prefixes this week, and they all have different definitions, so more attention to learning them will be needed this week; study time will be needed. The quiz on the words will be on Friday.

We will also work on Daily Bites through the week. The next quiz will not be until next week, though.

The students should be finishing their science project at home on Monday as the work is due on Tuesday. The students need to have their project ready, and they need to turn in a self-scored rubric. An assignment sheet was given for the work, and students should be checking it to see that they have done all the required work.
The 4th grade geologists did a great job last week of identifying their unknown minerals. This week, there will be a quiz on that activity, and then we will start a new activity. We will examine chemical weathering with some new samples.

The class is continuing to work on the True Hero of California project. This week, the final research should be completed, the props should be developed, and the students should begin practicing the presentation within their own teams. The process will continue into next week, and we will likely present the material in an interview format toward the end of next week. This activity will serve as a review of what should have been learned last year in third grade.

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