The Room 15


August 16-17, 2018

The students will take part in a lesson associated with geometry and examining the properties of five shapes. We will discuss the shapes and practice precise communication skills. The students will then bring the shapes home and survey family members. The students will need to record the responses they are given. Please help your 4th grader complete this work on Thursday evening. We will then compile the results on Friday and examine them in terms of the prompts of depth and complexity.

The class will also work on word problems that have multiple ways of answering them and reporting answers. The class will begin to develop the skills of collaboration and exchanging ideas and information. These problems allow for varying levels of knowledge to be displayed and collaboration is the key.

The students will begin their work on Daily Bites on Friday. They will need one of their spiral notebooks for that work. Daily Bites is a program that helps teach grammar and its conventions. The students will be presented with sentences that have errors. They will need to write the sentences correctly in their notebooks. We then correct the sentences in class with an emphasis on why the corrections have been made. Every two weeks, there is a quiz on a selection of the sentences. If the students have recorded the correct answers, reviewing for the quiz should be easy.  Our first Daily Bites quiz will be on Friday, August 31.

Speaking will be an emphasis this week as we will have multiple discussions; it will be great to get as many fourth graders involved in those discussions as possible. Communication is one of the 21st century skills and is a huge component of the culture of room 15.

The students will be challenged to figure out a science phenomenon this week. On Friday, we will work on stacking liquids on top of each other. The students will need to figure out the correct combination to allow four liquids to stack on each other. Then, the scientists will  need to figure out how it works and be able to explain the reason very clearly. Next week, we will communicate the ideas in an illustration, and we will look for a connection with the outside world to explain where the phenomenon actually occurs in nature.

The main part of social studies this week will be more on social skills. The students will be instructed on how to collaborate in fourth grade and how to effectively communicate with one another. The students will then be able to apply those skills in a number of settings over the two days of the week.

Welcome to 4th grade! It is a great year and children demonstrate a tremendous amount of growth as the year progresses. Thank you to the families who have sent their email addresses to to me for inclusion in the class email system. If you have not yet done so, please send your address(es) to  as soon as you can. It is important that you are part of that system as it is how all the communication will be delivered this school year. After next week, I hope to have everyone in the system, and this weekly newsletter will be emailed rather than sent home as a hard copy. Thank you!
Back to School Night is Wednesday, August 29, at 7:00 P.M. I look forward to talking with you about your child’s 4th grade school year.

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