The Room 15


September 23-27, 2019

Unit 1 has been completed. We will do a couple more division word problems that involve writing equations and solving them. We will review the unit on Monday and then, the students will take the test on Tuesday. It is a lengthy test and covers many topics. Once we have completed the assessment for unit 1, we will start unit 2. That unit is about adding and subtracting fractions. The unit will begin with a series of problem strings. This week, two different models for adding fractions will be developed. One will have the students relating fractions to money to solve problems, and at the end of the week, we will work on the use of clocks to solve problems. These models work well, but eventually, the students will recognize the shortcomings of them, and thus, we will develop the standard algorithm. The students will use manipulatives to understand the money model, and we will create illustrations for the clock model. It is important that the students understand that the manipulatives are math tools and not toys; some 4th graders are having a hard time with that and are being pulled from the activities.

We will continue to read and discuss our literature book, The Adventures of Pearley Monroe throughout the week; it looks like we will complete the book next week. The students began a new episode last week, and we will have it completed by the end of this week. More vocabulary will be worked on; since we are nearly done with the book,  it is important for students to begin studying the words for the vocabulary assessment. We will have close to 30 words for the book that will be tested. That quiz may occur at the end of next week. The students will take one more quiz for the book this week, and there will be two comprehension sheets to do; one has already been started. The students will also work on the idea of culture in class as we meet members of the Maidu tribe in the current episode.

The class will have the third Daily Bites quiz on Friday of this week. Studying a little each evening is suggested.

We will have a vocabulary study this week. The words are from a unit called “around and around.” That quiz will be this Friday. Last week’s quiz was not as successful as previous quizzes, so hopefully, the class will rebound this week.

We are still in the process of completing the work on chemical weathering. We had some good discussion last week, and the students began figuring out what was happening in the investigation. There is still a little way to go. Unfortunately, some poor behavior, especially last Wednesday, impacted our progress in science. We should be able to investigate erosion caused by water this week. The students will conduct a hands-on activity around that topic and complete a data sheet in class. The next activity will have the students work on an investigation designed to show how salt gets to the ocean. As we explain the process, the geography of California will be heavily discussed.

We will complete the reading and highlighting of the text for the Bear Flag Revolt early in the week. The class took a while, but it really got interested and was thinking critically about the text on Friday. Once we are done, the students will get their first longer term piece of work of the year. They will create a one-pager; directions will be given to the students on a sheet along with a rubric. You can take a look at those documents to help guide your student to finishing on time. The work will be due next Tuesday, October 1.

Download a hard copy here