The Room 15


May 20-24, 2019

CAASPP testing finished early last week, and we were able to get some math done aside from the test. We worked on using an area model to multiply fractions and whole numbers. That will continue next week, but this week, we have priorities other than that skill. We have completed all of the tested items for unit 6. Therefore, we will review the material on Monday, and the test will be on Tuesday. The final lesson in the unit is more multiplication of fractions and whole numbers. The unit will be fully completed next week. The students will also work on learning the customary system of measurement. We have worked on weight and length thus far, and this week, we will develop the idea of capacity. On Friday, there will be a quiz on those three skills. Next week, we will work on the metric system.

We will continue our reading in The Phantom Tollbooth. This week, we will work on chapters 10-14. We read and discussed much of chapter 10 last Friday; it had a very strong message about paying attention to the world and seeing what is out there. The students will complete that chapter this week. By the end of the week, we will begin chapter 14, but we will not likely complete it until next week. We are in a series of very lengthy chapters, and each chapter is loaded with ideas. As one student remarked last week, “It’s only five pages in the book, but it’s like ten pages of ideas.” He is correct! There will be a quiz this week, but no comprehension sheet. We are nearing the end of those as 90%+ of the students are earning 3s and 4s on them. The students, as a class, have done well in learning how to write in language arts.

The final blog of the year will be assigned at the end of the week. It is due no later than Friday, May 31. The timeline is short, but there isn’t much school year left.

There will be a vocabulary unit this week. The words are from a unit called “the size of things.” The quiz on the words will be on Friday.

The students are working on the planning of their Super Insect, and this week, they should begin building it. They also need to create the Super Insect’s habitat. This is our life science STEM project.
The class has nearly completed the work on Science Night, 2019. On Monday, we will host a practice session where all the other Innovators will come in to try our activities. On Wednesday, the show will be live starting at 7:00 P.M. The students have worked hard, and there is a great deal of excitement for science in room 15!
At the end of the week, the class will work on creating circuits. The students will be given the pieces they need to light a bulb, but no directions as to how to do it will be given. They will figure it out!

The class began working on the chapter about how the United States tried to connect California. The emphasis is on improving transportation and communication. This week, we will work on the information about stagecoaches and the Pony Express. Both topics have been dabbled in throughout the year. There will be a comprehension sheet about stagecoaches to do as homework this week.

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