The Room 15


January 14-18, 2019

We will be working on the final piece of unit 3 this week. We will work on some division problems, and the students will be illustrating the process of division on grids. The fourth graders will create their own word problems to accompany division problems that are given to them. They will work together to solve problems that they write as partners, and they will exchange their problems with another group to continue practicing the process. This will build a good foundation of what division is. By Wednesday, we will be reviewing the entire unit. There will be a review homework assignment on Wednesday evening, and the test will be taken on Thursday. On Friday, we will begin unit four which is about multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals. The unit will begin with a problem string where students will utilize ratio tables once again.

We will read chapters 4-6 this week in Number the Stars. The students had some good discussions last week, and there was even jumping up and down with excitement during the sessions. We will work on writing an essay response to the chapter 5 title in class, and then the students will have a homework assignment to accompany chapter 5. The essay responses that we are developing are designed to help student learn how to add depth to their homework sheets. The skill did not fully carry over last week, so hopefully, it will this week. We will continue to build the vocabulary list for the book through the week.

The rules poster for By the Great Horn Spoon! is due on Wednesday. The poster, the rough drafted rules and a self-scored rubric all need to be submitted together.

We will work on a vocabulary unit this week. The words have prefixes that mean against. The quiz on the words and prefixes will be on Friday.

Also on Friday, the students will take their first DOL quiz. They have the sentences to study in their notebooks. The format will be the same as the Daily Bites quizzes. The students need to review the sentences before the quiz. As was mentioned last week, these sentences are more challenging than the Daily Bites sentences. 

The class completed the work on identifying the minerals in granite last week, and they students were quite successful. They took an assessment on the activity, and again, there was great success with 14 students out of 25 earning 4’s. We did some work to gather some ideas about the rock cycle, but unfortunately, we got no further than that last week. This week, we will complete the geology unit. The students will watch some video about the rock cycle and then we will work on the hands-on activity that will illustrate all the parts of the cycle. The students will assemble a sheet to show one path rocks can take in the rock cycle, and that will be done in class. By Friday, we will begin our life science unit.

We began the next mining round on Friday, and we will complete it on Monday of this week. The students will also work on the next set of information, which is on the Colorado and Nevada rushes. That information will be given in note form, and hopefully, we will begin the outline this week.

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