Vocabulary Words:


Chapter 1: contempt, prodded, sneering, defiantly, hoodlums

Chapter 2: trousseau, intricate

Chapter 3: rationed, impassive

Chapter 4: disdainfully, submerged, dubiously, briskly, synagogue

Chapter 5: tentatively, gnarled

Chapter 8: ruefully, dismay

Chapter 9: wryly, wail

Chapter 10: condescending

Chapter 11: protruding

Chapter 14: tantalize, prolong, taut

Chapter 15: implored, caustic, strident, quavering


Questions that will be answered:


Chapter 1: Why are you running?

Chapter 2: Who is the man who rides past?

Chapter 3: Where is Mrs. Hirsch?

Chapter 4: Why will it be a long night?

Chapter 5: Who is the dark-haired one?

Chapter 6: Is the weather good for fishing?

Chapter 7: Describe the house by the sea.

Chapter 8: Who has died?

Chapter 9: Why are you lying?

Chapter 10: Why should we open the casket?

Chapter 11: Will we see you again soon, Peter?

Chapter 12: Where was Mama?

Chapter 13: Why must you run as fast as you can?

Chapter 14: What is it like on the dark path?

Chapter 15: Why is it important that the dogs smell meat?

Chapter 16: What will I tell you?



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