As the fourth graders prepare for our trip to Westminster Woods, we are working on a research project about coast redwoods. This page has photos of several coast redwood properties that we will study.

Enjoy this virtual walk through a coast redwood grove.

There are many ferns found beneath the redwood canopy.

Redwood sorrel grows all around coast redwoods.

A close up of redwood sorrel.

Why are these sorrel leaves pointed downward while the ones above are spread outwardly?

Clonal rings form around a mother tree's stump. Redwoods reproduce in several ways.

Looking up through a clonal ring

Redwood bark is deeply furrowed and gives places for others to build their homes within.

Are there four trees or one?

Redwoods' roots do not dig too deeply into the ground.

Closer view of those same roots

Notice that there are no branches down low. How come?

Why are the lower branches broken?

Why are there so many broken branches on the ground at the base of the trees?

How many reiterated trunks can you find?

Redwoods might have their trunks burned out for 100 feet inside but still live!

What do you most want to find during our trip to Westminster Woods?