On the last day of the 2016-2017 school year, the fourth graders of Mr. La Marr's class were asked to give advice to the "new" fourth graders as to how to be successful during the 4th grade school year. The students took the prompt seriously and gave some very specific advice as to how to be a successful fourth grade, rapid learner student in Mr. La Marr's class. The class that wrote these pieces of advice was highly successful and studious, so following their advice is, well, good advice!


Read the advice that was given to the incoming fourth graders.



Tips for new fourth graders

    •    Pay good attention to steps in the class

    •    Be open to new ideas from other people

    •    Work efficiently; do not use your time to talk

    •    On group projects, do not control what others are doing. Listen to the other people that might have good ideas for the group.

    •    Do not shout out in class unless there is permission to.

    •    Do not run in class.



Things you need to know for 4th grade:

    •    Do not procrastinate or you will be sorry.

    •    Mr. La Marr does not bite.

    •    Don’t feel afraid to ask questions or email Mr. La Marr.

    •    4th grade is fun.

    •    Pay attention or lose recess.

    •    Do not talk in class.

    •    You can come in during lunch recess and work on something you’re having trouble with Mr. La Marr.

    •    Read your twenty books.

    •    Participate in class.

    •    Discuss answers with people around you.

    •    Try your hardest.

    •    Have fun.

    •    You will play fun games in the classroom to help you learn and the environment, gold rush, math and the ecosystem.



In order to be successful in Mr. La Marr’s class, you should . . .

    •    Be quiet while he is talking.

    •    Don’t sharpen your pencils while Mr. La Marr is talking.

    •    Read 6-7 books every trimester.

    •    Exceed his goals.

    •    Try your hardest.

    •    Pay attention and be on task.

    •    Make friends.

    •    Don’t be a distraction.

    •    Do the right things at the right time.

    •    Have fun at Westminster Woods.

    •    Give him doughnuts.


Pay attention in class.

Spend your time well.   

    •    Try to get your twenty books done.

    •    Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class and at home.

    •    Don’t fall asleep in the car at Westminster Woods.

    •    Don’t forget your school “stuff” for homework.

    •    Don’t misplace your materials.

    •    Give him doughnuts!

    •    Don’t get “left” behind while Mr. La Marr is teaching.

    •    Try not to procrastinate (put off) on assignments.

    •    Work efficiently in groups.

    •    Try to find extra credit questions on the tests and homework.


   Some tips to excel in 4th grade

    •    Don’t ever procrastinate on homework or projects.

    •    Listen to directions that Mr. La Marr says.

    •    Stay focused

    •    Try not to speak while Mr. La Marr is talking.

    •    Think innovatively and be open to new ideas.

    •    In group projects, be cooperative and work as a team.

    •    There is no need to be shy. If you try and say the wrong answer, it’s okay.

    •    It’s better to try and get the wrong answer than know the answer and stay quiet.

    •    Participate as much as you can.



    Dear new fourth grade RL,

    Here is some advice that my help you in fourth grade:

    •    Try to innovate

    •    Try your best

    •    Do not talk about someone if what you’re talking about is bad

    •    Do not ever give up

    •    Put all effort into your work

    •    Work with quantity and quality

    •    Have fun :)

    •    Do not sleep in the car during a field trip

    •    Be safe with equipment.


   Dear new fourth graders,

    In order to be successful in Mr. La Marr’s class, you must pay attention to him or whoever’s speaking. I am a friend of one of your     number. His mother told me some things about you. I know you are very loud. I advise you break that habit immediately for you         will not thrive successfully in Mr. La Marr’s class if you are very loud. Another thing to do is wait for Mr. La Marr to finish giving     instructions before starting to obey them. Just follow Mr. La Marr’s every command appropriately and you will be great.


    P.S. Bring Mr. La Marr donuts; he loves them.

   Dear new fourth graders,

     Fourth grade was a really fun year for me. An important rule is to never procrastinate! If you procrastinate, you have a high              chance of turning in a late slip or getting a 0 on a test. You should read your 20 books strategically. If you do not read                          strategically, you might not complete your 20 books. There are a lot of tests to study for so you should study once you start a unit.      He is very funny, and you should not worry at all about this year. You have to be innovative in order to get good grades. You have      to think like an innovator. The books you will read require thinking. You should enjoy his humor. Science is very interesting. If          you do something wrong, you will be sent outside. At your field trips, do not play around in the parking lot. At your trip to                  Westminster Woods, be aware that there are live animals living in those woods.



   Advice for incoming fourth graders

    •    Listen to Mr. La Marr

    •    Do NOT rush, especially on tests.

    •    Do not talk while his talking; do not pass notes or talk to your friends during instructional time.

    •    Speak Up.

    •    I recommend to not leave love letters our or just laying around somewhere outside your cubby. He will find them and read

    •    Don’t start cliques.

    •    Be inclusive.

    •    Have fun.

    •    Keep an open mind.

    •    Finally, bring him donuts!


Dear fourth graders,

    •    Don’t play with fidget spinners.

    •    Listen in class no matter how bored you are.

    •    Don’t goof around or talk during class.

    •    Don’t rush tests.

    •    Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    •    Don’t do whatever you want.

    •    If you wander off during class, you don’t get far doing that.

    •    If you get sent outside, don’t make a big deal about it.

    •    Have lots of fun.

    •    If you do something, admit to it.


Dear new 4th graders,

Here is some advice . . .

    1.    Never procrastinate on projects. If you do, you will have a tiny bit of sleep the night before the project is due.

    2.    Get your 20 books done and pace the books out so you don’t have to read 4 books in the last weekend.

    3.    I recommend you become friends with Mr. La Marr in class and you will have fun.

    4.    If you have a late assignment, don’t try to cover it up with lies; it’s bad.

    5.    Always, always cooperate with your fellow students so group projects will come out very nicely.

    6.    Never, never doze off in class or talk with a friend or draw because you be kind of lost after you are done and you might get in

    7.    When your class goes to Westminster Woods, don’t fall asleep on the car rides back to camp. We lost Isaac, but he was still
            asleep in the car.

    8.    Try to steal his coffee and bring him doughnuts only if he is going mountain biking that weekend. (Note from Mr. L-NEVER              steal my coffee!)

    9.    Don’t try to get hurt at Friday Football.

    10.    Always keep an open mind.

    11.    Never, never leave love letters lying around; Mr. L will find them.

Dear 4th graders,

    1.    BRING Mr. La Marr jelly DONUTS!

    2.    Be funny, but only at the right times.

    3.    Do not forget homework.

    4.    Beware! Mr. L cuts arms off when you get a math problem wrong! (Kind of, in a way; don’t worry :) )

    5.    Don’t be shy to speak up when you don’t get how to do something for homework.

    6.    DO NOT WRITE NOTES TO EACH OTHER! Mr. La Marr FINDS them somehow!

    7.    In literature always find some connection with depth and complexity.

    8.    Don’t start cliques.

    9.    LAST OF ALL . . .  HAVE FUN!


    Make sure to try to get projects done as fast and soon as you can or it will pile up on you. Another thing to do is to get as many         points on the point board as you can. If you don’t, it will come back to haunt you! Don’t fool around in the classroom. You will         get sent outside even if it is raining. It will also come back to your parents and you will have a talk with them.

    Mr. La Marr is a nice teacher! Don’t be afraid of him.



    Here are tips for a successful fourth grade.

    Pay attention in class, try to ignore talking classmates during a class session.

    If you do not pay attention, you might miss how to do line plots or other assignments Mr. La Marr gives you.

    When in group projects, always be respectful, work with your team; most importantly, have fun and work hard.

    Westminster Woods is during April 10-13. Westminster Woods is very fun and you all should have a great experience. When at         Westminster Woods do not fall asleep in the car please.
    Mr. La Marr is a great teacher and is very funny. You all should have a great year.

    Dear new fourth graders,

    •    Take your time on every challenge/problem easy or hard. Mr. La Marr will not rush you.

    •    Speak, always, with clarity and precision.

    •    Be sure to always strive for accuracy and never give up.

    •    If you personally think a problem is too hard, go collaborate with other classmates.

    •    Teamwork pays off, TRUST ME!



    •    Don’t procrastinate for blogs and projects.

    •    Listen to Mr. La Marr’s directions.

    •    Be kind.

    •    Put all your effort in every paper; do your best.

    •    Always try to answer the questions; even if you get it wrong, you tried.

    •    Be respectful to everyone.

    •    Study well if a test is coming up.

    •    Don’t talk while Mr. La Marr is giving directions or teaching a lesson.


      •    Tell all your ideas! Who knows, maybe it will lead to a new interesting discussion!

    •    Try your hardest and NEVER procrastinate.

    •    Don’t be so serious during class; have a little fun! Mr. La Marr is all about fun!

    •    Get creative with all your writing and projects!

    •    Have a try at Friday Football! I didn’t get to participate and I really think I missed out.

    •    Always encourage yourself and others! (Don’t be a downer)

    •    Be flexible with all your projects and such!

    •    Don’t give up, keep persisting and progress as the year goes on.

    •    Always try new things! You might learn to love it!

    •    During Westminster Woods try to get plenty of sleep! Someone in our class slept in a car by himself.

    •    Try to join Science Olympiad! If you love challenges, Science Olympiad will be perfect for you.

    •    Ask questions and be willing to admit if you don’t know how to do something.

    •    Don’t be scared of saying the wrong answer or making a mistake. Take a chance!

    •    For any homework or projects, learn to apply knowledge you already know!


    Dear former third graders,

    Here are some tips and advice for the year.

    1.    Be sure to pay attention, but pay even more attention in subjects that you are not that good at.

    2.    Make sure to always work well in a team and cooperate with your fellow classmates.

    3.    Never be afraid of asking questions and never be afraid of Mr. La Marr :)

    4.    Don’t lie to Mr. La Marr ever. He will know  . . .

    5.    Mr. La Marr just simply loves donuts, specifically, jelly donuts. Try to bring him jelly donuts!

    6.    Don’t forget about your 20 books. About every week, finish one or two books.

    7.    Never forget homework, though it’s a hard challenge.

    8.    Mr. La Marr is a very funny man. Remember to laugh when needed and don’t laugh when it’s not the time.

    9.    Remember to always have fun in his class.

    10.  Always be kind to Mr. La Marr!


    Dear fourth graders,

    Here is some advice that you need to be successful in Mr. La Marr’s class.

    •    Pay attention in class

    •    Raise your hand to answer questions even if you’re not sure it is right; you will get a good grade for speaking.

    •    Raise your hand if you don’t understand something; it will help you on tests and homework.

    •    Reread and try hard on homework; you will get better grades.

    •    On field trips, follow the learner so you don’t get lost.

    •    On projects, don’t procrastinate.

    •    Don’t forget school supplies at your house; then in class you won’t have them and you might need them.

    •    Have fun!


    •    If you have a project, get started right away; don’t wait until the last minute.

    •    Always pay attention and listen in class.

    •    Don’t talk in class.

    •    Don’t fool around in class when Mr. La Marr is talking.

    •    Finish your 20 books on time.

    •    If Mr. La Marr tells the class to use your notes for homework, use the notes and don’t guess.

    •    Always try your hardest and don’t say that you can’t do it.

    •    Always participate in class.

    •    Don’t get sent outside.

    •    Do your best, always.

    •    When you are in a group, don’t fool around and help out.

    •    When Mr. La Marr lets you choose your group, get with a group you know you’re going to do well with.

    •    Be kind to each other.

    •    Always have an open mind.

    •    Always come up with new ways and possibilities.

    •    Always Have Fun in Fourth Grade!


    Dear fourth grade class,

    There is lots of advice that everyone should know to be a successful student in room 15. First, be respectful to Mr. La Marr. If             everyone is like that, every single student will learn everything very well and will be successful. Another piece of advice is that         students should be lively. I think the most important piece of advice is to take time to get better grades. Mistakes can easily be         made. Also, people should be very cautious to remember to turn in homework. There are many things to do and learn and every         day is fun; this is a year to be cherished.

    Josh N.

    Advice for 4th graders

    Dear fourth graders,

    Here’s some advice for this year.

    •    Don’t goof around while in class

    •    For gifts, give Mr. La Marr donuts

    •    Raise your hand to speak

    •    Don’t get up in the middle of a discussion

    •    While raising your hand, don’t raise a pencil

    •    Whenever Mr. La Marr opens the door at recess, GO INSIDE!!!


    Give Mr. La Marr lots of donuts and try to survive. Don’t get him angry. Ask him about the pencil on the gold rush poster. (Note         from Mr. L-Mr. La Marr doesn’t really get angry . . .)

    Dear former third graders,

    Some advice I have for you is to laugh and have fun in 4th grade. Also to have fun, you should listen carefully to Mr. La Marr’s         directions so that you don’t miss some information. Work hard, and make sure that you’re not rushing in your work. Also,                 remember to ask many questions and don’t be afraid of Mr. La Marr! Try to work on projects from the beginning and don’t wait         till the end. When you’re in a team, try to compromise and don’t argue! Try to be as neat as you can with your work and your             papers. Sometimes you need those papers, and you may not be able to find them. Make friends, but don’t be exclusive and include     other classmates. When doing a project try to be innovative; you will find he likes them better. Remember to study! Don’t be             afraid to share your ideas when in a discussion. Give many details within your writing! But, most of all, you should enjoy your         year with Mr. La Marr.


    How to be a successful 4th grader

    Dear fourth graders,

    Here’s some advice if you want to be successful.

    •     Don’t be distracted by things like fidget spinners or Mr. La Marr will take it from you

    •    Bring homework or you will get a 0

    •    Be nice

    •    Listen

    •    Don’t talk to friends in class while Mr. La Marr is talking

    •    At Westminster Woods, don’t get lost in a locked car sleeping because people will be worried about you

    •    Have fun!


    I think that to be a successful student in Mr. La Marr’s 4th grade, make sure not to procrastinate. When projects are assigned, do         not wait until the last minute do them. Spread the work out over the time given. During class, pay attention to Mr. La Marr; taking     good notes can help you on tests. Taking your time is key when doing quizzes, tests, and even when you are just doing your                 homework. You always want to stay focused and on task; it can help you reach your goals. Make sure to spread out your 20 books;     if you don’t, you may be crammed for time. Make sure to appreciate all of the time that Mr. La Marr takes out of his personal life     to teach you and to grade all of your papers. Now, when it comes to your redwood reports, stay, stay, stay on track. If you don’t,         falling behind can be fatal. Innovation is a large part of 4th grade RL. You need to be as creative as you can and knowhow to work     with each other.



    Dear new 4th graders,

    I advise you to:
    •    Manage your time with your homework, projects, and blogs

    •    Pay attention in class

    •    Don't lie to Mr. La Marr

    •    Try not to turn things in late

    •    Come early to school and come into the classroom if you want to play around or hang out with Mr. La Marr

    •    Go to the bathroom during recess and lunch

    •    Don’t get into cliques

    •    Give Mr. La Marr donuts


    Dear new fourth graders.

    To be successful in fourth grade, you should:

    •    Not wait for the last few days to finish projects and blogs

    •    Not wait until January to start your 20 books

    •    Putin all details possible on homework and make sure your answers make sense

    •    DON’T talk while Mr. La Marr is talking

    •    Work together when you are in a team and don’t fight

    •    Have fun

         Josh D.


    Dear new little people,

    In fourth grade you have to listen very carefully and if you don’t, you won’t get anything done. Also get a lot of points on the             point board; you’ll need them. Most importantly, don’t fall asleep in the car during field trips. If you follow these you are going to     be set for fourth grade.

    Your friend,

There you have it! That is really sound advice from a group of extremely successful students who just completed fourth grade last year. I will say, I don't need donuts!!! Really, I don't; they made me  . . .  bigger last year. But, they are very good, don't you think?

What trends do you see?

Fourth grade is fun, and we do amazing things. Hold on for the ride!