On the last day of the 2017-2018 school year, the fourth graders of Mr. La Marr's class were asked to give advice to the "new" fourth graders as to how to be successful during the 4th grade school year. The outgoing fourth graders spent a year working in Mr. La Marr's class, and they learned many valuable tips to help them attain the incredible amount of success they had. A fourth grader who wants to do well in room 15 would be wise to follow the advice given by the amazing students of '17-'18.


Hello former third graders, here's some advice:

Don't procrastinate

Never Ever steal things

Do your absolute best at everything, HARD WORD PAYS OFF

Be helpful in groups

NO BECAUSE in topic sentences

Think hard

Think about the decisions you make


Advice for 3rd graders in room 15

Mr. La Marr doesn't bite-unless you bite him first

Work hard on projects, blogs, and literature homework-TRUST ME

Read very closely when Mr. La Marr assigns you to read a book. There is a chance that there will be a reading quiz incoming!

When Mr. La Marr directs something, DO or REMEMBER IT!

Remember EVERYTHING that Mr. La Marr taught you It may come in handy some day.

Be on the lookout for connections-you might start a new conversation!

If you have spare time on a test, look it over!



Don't take shortcuts

Always trust Mr. La Marr

Never forget your homework

Never talk when Mr. La Marr is talking

Mr. La Marr will not throw out your homework if there is no name on it

Speak up in class or he will call on another person

Participate in class so you get a good grade on participation

Do not fall behind on your 20 books

Never lose any books he loans to you

Have good time management

Strive for fours on tests; later in the year if you get a ghree or lower, he will make you redo some tests

Turn in your projects early or on time; never late

Don't cry in class-you look bad (I did not cry)

Have fun!

Bring Mr. La Marr donuts!



Dear fourth graders,

Fourth grade is in the upper grades and fourth geade might be harder than you expect so try to do your hardest, do your best and have fun. Try to get Mr. La Marr lots of jelly donuts. Never make a project overdue. Do not get sad or mad if you have a bad day. Fourth grade is full of ups and downs; mostly at the beginning of the year. Never give up and get projects done soon.

Have fun,



Turn in homework

Pay attention

Bring Mr. La Marr jelly donuts

Go in the classroom at recess if it's open, or after school or before school but don't go in there if no one's in there

Have fun reading books

Think innovatively

Have fun doing blogs

Look at baby pictures of Warren

Do Science Olympiad and win us another 1st place trophy


Bring Mr. La Marr jelly donuts, raspberry jelly donuts

Pay attention and stay on task-it will affect you if you don't

Be prepared to write blogs

Always use cursive-Always!

Think hard

Bring him donuts (Did I mention this?)

Feel free to try; you'll still get conversation points for effort!

Don't lie-he WILL know

Look for paradoxes and parallels in literature

Think very hard in The Phantom Tollbooth

Most importantly, HAVE FUN : )

Dylan F.

Dear new fourth graders,

Here is a list of advice for the upcoming year:

Do not procrastinate

Give him donuts, lots of donuts and cookies

Finish the 20 books on time

Try to turn in all the signature packets

Give him donuts

Don't get left behind wile he is talking-he will call on you

Don't use the pencil sharpener while he is talking

Try to knock him over on the cargo net

Did I mention to give him donuts?

Most of all, have fun!


Hey former 3rd graders!

In order to survive have a great year in 4th grade, do:

Try your best

Listen to everything

Keep all your papers-you never know when you need them later  . . .

Be neat (I learned that the hard way . . .)

Have fun !!! : )

Feed Mr. La Marr jelly donuts


Have fidget spinners or Pokemon cards or any other distraction

Lose anything

Lie (Mr. La Marr knows, believe me)

Try to take shortcuts


Talk to your friends in class

Not follow directions

Elijah R.

Advice for next year's fourth grade RL

Don't talk when Mr. La Marr is talking

Finish your 20 books on time

Turn in all of your homework

Bring donuts for Mr. La Marr-get the jelly ones

Follow directions; it's not going to turn out good if you don't

Keep your binder under your chair; it's different

Be creative and INNOVATIVE

This is room 15 which means everyone is kind, respectful and everyone works together

Khadija, last year's fourth grade student

Give Mr. La Marr doughnuts

Listen to Mr. La Marr

Do not interrupt in class-if you do, you will get a trip to the bench

Have fun!

Finish your 20 books on time

Turn your homework in on time

Don't forget to kiss a banana slug at Westminster Woods

Double check your work in math

Be careful on literature quizzes

Again, have fun!


Never procrastinate on big projects

Pay attention in class

Keep good pace in reading your twenty books

When working in big groups, make sure everyone gets to do something

Collaborate in class and always raise your hand in class if you have an answer, even if it might be wrong

Enjoy 4th grade

Always study before big tests

Always give your best effort in class, on quizzes, or when doing projects

Have fun


Don't talk out AT ALL!

This year is really fun, if you get to know Mr. La Marr's sense of humor


Be funny, at the right time

Don't forget homework (Trust me, I know)

Have fun :)

Turn your homework in the day it is due

Be quiet when Mr. La Marr is talking

Listen to directions

Don't lose the book you are reading in class

Get projects done on time

NEVER procrastinate

Write thoughtful answers in literature and leave no unanswered questions

Have lots of fun with Mr. La Marr


Always pay attention!

Only use homework passes when you don't have time (or if you don't want to do it). Though, you will still have to do it later.

Do not play with things under the table-Mr. La Marr will catch you.

Do not wait to get started on reading your 20 books. I fyou don't read wnoudh, your grade will drop.

Mr. La Marr loves donuts! Don't give him too many.


Give Mr. La Marr lots of jelly donuts; he loves them

Don't sharpen your pencil while Mr. La Marr is talking

Don't have conversations while Mr. L is teaching

Don't rush when you do homework; you will get bad grades

Try to get your signature packet signed every week

Try not to forget your books or your homework

Don't run or chase in the classroom

Pay attention in class


Don't talk while the teacher is talking

Procrastinating is not a good idea; it will be very hard to catch up

Do not lie to Mr. La Marr; it won't work

Give Mr. La Marr donuts; he LOVES them

Don't get a math problem wrong; Mr. La Marr will cut your arm off with the math sword

Pay attention in class

Come to Friday Football

Keep your binder under your chair

Turn in your homework

Homework passes are different in the upper grades

Turn in signature packets


Never procrastinate on a project or a blog because it will hit you hard

Try your best to cooperate

Pay attention to class (Mr. La Marr has an eagle eye)

Bring lots of donuts

Never steal his coffee

And most of all HAVE FUN


Dear new fourth graders,

Here is some advice to help you with fourth grade:

Don't procrastinate on big projects; Mr. La Marr will know

Don't interrupt Mr. La Marr

Riase your hand! If Mr. La Marr calls on you and you get the wrong answer, you will still get a point on the point board and at least you tried.

Never fall asleep in a car at Westminster Woods.



Welcom Newcomers,

I enjoyed my year and hope you do too. I advise that you collaborate and have great teamwork. Mr. La Marr is a kind teacher, and he does not deserve it when you behave bad. Try to be your best for your new teacher. Be on your best behavior and only give Mr. La Marr donuts occasionally. Try to get extra credit for the highest scores on quizzes.


Kathryn, a girl that had fun

Always pay attention and on field trips

Raise your hand even if the answer is wrong

Try your best

Always bring homework

Never fool around in class or group

Read the 20 books on time

Try to never be late or you'll miss Daily Bites or Daily Oral Language

Don't interrupt Mr. La Marr while he is talking

Use the Habits of Mind icons and the Depth and Complexity icons

Give Mr. La Marr DONUTS

Daniel C.

Give Mr. La Marr lots of donuts (he never wants them but he can't resist)

ALWAYS try your best

Do not lie to Mr. La Marr; it won't work

Mr. La Marr will always help you

Complete all 20 of your books

Never give love notes in class

Take subjects seriously . . . but have fun, too!

Stay for the after party!

Elijah H.

Dear 4th graders,

Give Mr. La Marr jelly donuts

Sometimes 4th grade can be quite difficult, but don't give up and push to the end.

Have fun

When Mr. La Marr assigns a project, start right away

Work together

Do what Mr. La Marr says

Don't lie

Have fun reading The Phantom Tollbooth

At Westminster Woods you need to kiss banana slugs


Make sure you pay attention or you could be sent outside; you'll be embarrassed

Mr. La Marr loves donuts. Get him some.

Make sure you have fun

Make sure you read the class book chapters carefully. He gives quizzes.

You have to be organized so you can find papers

Don't forget to turn in homework!

PREPARE FOR TESTS! It will help you!

Don't be naughty-it can put you on his bad side

Follow directions!!!


Get your 20 books done (You can go over 20)

Practice writing

Raise your hand a lot

Bring everything to class

Do your homework

Pay attention!

Donuts are Mr. La Marr's favorite snack

You have lots of responsibilities

Learn as much as you can

Have fun, please :)

Don't pass notes or whisper in class

If you have projects and the classroom door is open, work on it

Work on anything he assigns you ASAP

Use the word "you" is not tolerated (in writing)

Always collaborate and when assigned to teams, work together

Do not procrastinate (or else!)

Don't lose anything


Be excited for Westminster Woods


Do not procrastinate

Turn in homework-it will save time

Ask questions

Give new answers on tests and homework

Make sure to participate in class

Use time wisely on projects

Innovate, especially with science

Have fun at all times

Do not give Mr. La Marr donuts unless he asks for them

To not talk while Mr. La Marr is talking

Only sharpen your pencil when Mr. La Marr isn't talking

Put away computers well

Homework passes don't work


Next year's fourth graders,

Learn to write everything in cursive

Dont' stick your head in the aisleway; Mr. La Marr will chop it off and use it as a bowling ball

Always study before tests

Give Mr. La Marr a lot of donuts

Play Friday Football

Don't spill Mr. La Marr's coffee

All of Mr. La Marr's activities are fun


Don't give him unhappy looks; trust me

Donuts aren't at all needed, but advised (bring them!)

Don't worry-4th grade will become easy

Mr. La Marr knows all the tricks and mind games

Mr. La Marr sees, hears, and knows all

You can't outsmart him. . .

Don't worry and you will have fun


Give Mr. La Marr donuts; he loves them!

Be ready to work your hardest because you will need to

Everything counts in 4th grade

Don't forget to turn in your homework

Stay focused always

Don't drop love letters on the floor

Never lie to Mr. La Marr

Make Mr. La Marr impressed by you

Never fall behind on projects

Work hard every day

Put your name on all assignments you turn in

Read very carefully on asigned chapters because you might be quizzed on it

Be the best 4th graders ever


New 4th graders,

When Mr. La Marr says to work on bits and pieces of a project, do it

Stay on task

Dont take or spill Mr. La Marr's coffee!

Give him donuts

Never lie to him

Don't miss a math equation in math, or he will cut your arm off

Have fun with Mr. La Marr

Turn your homework in or there will be an issue later on in the school year

Don't call out in class

Have the best time of your school years with him before it ends very quickly


That is really sound advice from a group of extremely successful students who just completed fourth grade last year. They did an excellent job of touching on some important aspects of fourth grade. I will say, I don't need donuts!!! Really, I don't; they made me  . . .  bigger last year. But, they are very good, don't you think?

What trends do you see?

What unanswered questions do you have?

What are some of the BIG ideas that you see?

Fourth grade is fun, and we do amazing things. Get in, belt up and hold on for the ride!